17 March 2008

Stories from 17 March 2008

Russia: Kosovo and Abkhazia

  17 March 2008

TOL's Steady State writes about Russia and “Kosovo's precedent”: “Russia is an ardent supporter of the territorial integrity in the Balkans. When it comes to the Caucasus, those principles change.”

Bangladesh: Fighting the cycle of poverty

  17 March 2008

In this week's roundup we will highlight some of the discussions happening in the Bangladeshi Blogosphere on the issues of Poverty, LGBT and Travel . Poverty: Bangladesh is a developing country and the main problem of this country is overpopulation. It has one of the highest population density among the...

Georgia: New Protests

  17 March 2008

Now that opposition protests in one of the three South Caucasus republics have stopped, new protests are resuming in another. TOL Georgia reports that a few thousand protesters are once again demonstrating in central Tbilisi, but considers that their efforts to force a new presidential election two months after the...

Armenia: Life Continues…

  17 March 2008

The Armenian Patchwork reports that life continues in Yerevan even though a state of emergency has been declared. Indeed, the blog posts photographs of the opening of a new Beatles’ themed bar and a rock concert by a local band in a club whose enclosed cafe was used by the...

Iran:”USA Government Encourages Separatism”

According to media, USA government is planning to beam Azeri-language radio broadcasts into Iran, in a bid to influence opinion among the significant ethnic Azeri population there. Hezaran Noghteh says [Fa]such a decision means that US government encouraging separatism in Iran. The blogger call it a big mistake for Americans...

Jordan: Wife Seeking in the Middle East

“One of the most hated rituals in the middle east is the dreaded “Wife seeking”. Not only is it nerve wrecking for the potential groom and his family. But it's also considered humiliating for the ladies who find in the ritual demeaning to the woman,” writes Qwaider, from Jordan.

Welcome German, Albanian and Macedonian into Lingua Family

  17 March 2008

Global Voices Lingua is honored to announce today that German, Albanian and Macedonian have launched officially. A new chapter is turned. Since the initiation of Lingua, we have gathered an enormous group of enthusiastic editors and volunteers to translate their passion into words. Because of their precious efforts, Global Voices...