13 March 2008

Stories from 13 March 2008

Republic of Congo: Campaign for health rights

  13 March 2008

Campaigning for health rights in the Republic of Congo: “Indigenous people in all areas of Congo Brazzaville live in precarious conditions and are subjected to discrimination and marginalisation, which prevents them from benefiting from all the rights recognised by international human rights instruments, particularly the right to health care and...

Zimbabwe: Landlord's rules

  13 March 2008

These are landlord's rules in Zimbabwe: “Rule number 6 reads, “Never do laundry in the tub. Use the outside sink. Hang clothes with pegs, never without. Use the line near the mango tree.” The rules also stipulate that the tenant uses tissue paper only and not newspapers. In addition to...

Zambia: A single visa for SADCC?

  13 March 2008

Cho discusses comments from Zambia's Tourism Deputy Minister about a single visa for the SADC region: “The Univisa proposal should make the SADC region more attractive to tourists , relative to other regions, as it expands the choice available to them. The extent of these benefits will depend on the...

South Africa: Suggestions for Muti

  13 March 2008

Mike blogs about Muti: “On Muti one can also vote items down if one disapproves of the content. This is my only concern with Muti. It means that people can club together to vote content down the organic hierarchy resulting in what is being perceived as an elitist ‘clique’ owning...

India: Losing Goa and the Scarlett Keeling homicide case

  13 March 2008

My heart cries out that Goa the land of Sex, Drugs, Music, the once land of the hippies and lost Gods, had to be brought under the crime radar as a threat. Although I am partial in judging Goa, the land I spent my childhood and almost every other summer,...

Abu Dhabi: $14.3m for a Number Plate

“Today, a man named Said Abdul Ghafour Khouri has agreed to pay AED 52.2 Million (US $14.3 Million) for Abu Dhabi license plate labeled “1” at an auction at the 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel here, making it the world's most expensive license plate,” reports Fahad Inc from the UAE.

Lebanon: The Story of Gaza

“Domination, enslavement, besiegement, starvation, terror, slaughter. This is daily life for the Palestinians of Gaza. The malicious, detestable, vicious, repulsive, contemptible world looks on. The cowardly, unscrupulous, gutless, deceitful, devious, disingenuous, snide Arab governments look away,” writes Ibn Bint Jbeil, from Lebanon.

Armenia: Official Response

  13 March 2008

Unzipped reports that there has been an official response to video circulating which shows security services shooting directly in front of them rather than into the air as the authorities claim. The blog notes that although prosecutors are seeking independent verification, they are already casting doubts on the authenticity of...