12 March 2008

Stories from 12 March 2008

Russia: Mari El vs Microsoft

  12 March 2008

Window on Eurasia writes about one “small Finno-Ugric people”‘s demand that Microsoft add six “additional modified Cyrillic letters their language requires but that are not found in Russian to his company’s Windows operating system.”

Iran:No to Fascism

Jomhour says[Fa] that his vote for reformists on Iranian parliamentary election on Friday is a no to fascism!Meanwhile Economist Magazine has published an interesting diary about this election.

Israel: Backyard Tour

“In an effort to clear the mind and explore new territory, we ventured into one of the 726548724 hiking trails around Tzur Hadassah in the Judean Hills this afternoon,” writes Lizrael, from Israel, who takes us on a pictorial tour of her ‘backyard.’

Azerbaijan: Disneyland

  12 March 2008

As if plans to construct a hotel bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star weren't enough, Carpetblogger reports that rumors are circulating in Baku that the Azerbaijani capital is now negotiating to host a Disneyland. The blog takes an irreverent look at some of the attractions a localized theme...

Jordan: Taking Friends for Granted

“Do you take your friends for granted?” asks Bakkouz, from Jordan. “It seems that in this digital age, with the means and ways of communication a plenty, and much better and faster than they used to be, The social ties between people are getting weaker, friends seem to take each...

Bahamas: Globalisation

  12 March 2008

“Globalisation – it means more cross-border travel, trade, information and investment than ever before. But what does it mean for the average Bahamian?”: Larry Smith at Bahama Pundit finds out.

Armenia: Media Restrictions Eased?

  12 March 2008

The Armenian Observer reports that restrictions on the media under the current stage of emergency might now be eased. News reports indicate that because there have been few violations of the emergency regulations, the outgoing president might allow media outlets to return to near-normal operation.

Trinidad & Tobago: Food for Thought

  12 March 2008

Blogging from Trinidad & Tobago, This Beach Called Life offers some food for thought: “Citizens of the country are being urged to plant food in their backyards in order to reduce the effects of rising food prices…with this in mind I planted two boxes of original KFC with fries, a...