11 March 2008

Stories from 11 March 2008

Singapore: Nesting Hornbills

  11 March 2008

The Bird Ecology Study Group has posted images of a male and female hornbills inspecting potential nesting cavities in Singapore's Changi area.

Malaysia: Bloggers Questions Recount

  11 March 2008

Malaysian blogger and candidate in the recent elections, Chegu Bard, is questioning the vote recount that gave his high profile opponent from the ruling party a lead over him.

East Timor: Introducing A Timorese Feature Film

  11 March 2008

Return to Rai Ketak introduces Sirana, a feature film made in East Timor. “Directed by Ivete de Oliveira, the film is in the style of improvised, documentary style and the soundtrack is really memorable with Bibi Bulak and the new Cinco do Oriente”

Lebanon: Gulf Tourists

From Lebanon, Antoun comments on tourists from Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia visiting his country – after their countries issued warnings for them to stop travelling to Lebanon.

Lebanon: United Sunni Front

‘The spectre of Iran's nuclear ambitions and fear of a so-called “Shia revival” in the region has forced the Saudi Kingdom to reevaluate its stance on Qatar. And in turn, tiny Qatar, home to the site of a major American military base (not to mention the Centcom nerve center of...

Bolivia: Bars or Schools?

  11 March 2008

“More Chicherias or More Schools?” asks Pedro Velasquez from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Chicherias are places that serve a fermented corn drink around Bolivia and is often linked to violence and drunkeness. In some cases, these establishments are located very close to schools causing distress amoung parents and school officials.

Nicaragua: Retaining Customs

  11 March 2008

Many Nicaraguans are losing their customs and one of the chief culprits is globalization according to Tania Duarte. She urges others to retain some of their traditions, so that they can continue be passed on to future generations.