10 March 2008

Stories from 10 March 2008

Jordan: Misinformed Woman

“I came across an article in The Washington Post, written by a woman called Charlotte Allen, titled We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?. The article is basically a misinformed and a mispresented pseudo-scientific misogynist interpretation of popular culture to prove that women are dumb,” writes Tololy from...

Kuwaiti Dinar at its Peak

“The Kuwaiti Dinar has now reached its highest exchange rate against the US dollar in the past 20 years, which in turn has dropped to its lowest against the Euro being traded at 1.536 for 1 Euro!! Right now, the exchange rate is 3.683 U.S. dollars for 1 KD! This...

Cuban Videos: media ploy or example of free speech?

  10 March 2008

An online 4 minute video excerpt posted by international media taken from a 2 hour meeting between the president of the National Assembly and students from the Computer Science University (UCI) has brought forth contrasting reactions and debates regarding free speech in Cuba and the direction of the Cuban Revolution.

Armenaker Kamilion

  10 March 2008

With the re-emergence of samizdat pro-opposition propaganda via the Internet during the current state of emergency in Armenia, Armenaker Kamilion is translating and posting the material in English.

Armenia: Serge Sargsyan Online Q&A

  10 March 2008

With the opposition seemingly winning the information war on the Internet during the current state of emergency in Armenia, my Armenia Election Monitor 2008 posts details on government attempts to fight back. On Thursday 15 March, president-elect Serge Sargsyan will respond to questions submitted via the Internet on his own...

Zimbabwe: Women beaten on the International Women's Day

  10 March 2008

Zimbabwe women were beaten in the streets in Bulawayo on the International Women's Day, reports This is Zimbabwe: “Please visit the WOZA website and tell them via their comments section how incredible they are, and let them know that you are watching and noting the injustices being perpetrated against them.”

Nigeria: Do you want to buy a blog?

  10 March 2008

Who wants to buy the blog Yomi Says?: “Yes; you read right: Yomi Says is up for sale. Back in August last year, I found out how much my blog was worth then, and the figure was $8,468.10 (N1.05m). Not bad. Well, I just checked again, and the value of...

Nigeria: First African to win heavy weight championship

  10 March 2008

My Pen and My Paper writes about Samuel Peter, the first African to win World Boxing Heavy Weight Championship: “We must not forget that Samuel Peter is (was previously promoted) a Commissioner of Police rank in the Nigerian Police Force. If only he can come home and deal some blows...

India: Saving the Tiger

  10 March 2008

There appears to be a renewed interest in saving the tiger in India – My Module points to a provision in the national budget and the ongoing campaign by a leading TV news channel.