9 March 2008

Stories from 9 March 2008

Armenia: Baby Boom

Blogian says that with emigration and low birth rates common for Armenia in recent years he is happy that at least nine of his relatives are expecting babies. Although this means more expenditures in terms of presents for his relatives, the blog says that the news is very important and...

Armenia: Protest Internet Censorship

Given that various media sites as well as YouTube have been blocked in Armenia since the declaration of a state of emergency in the country last weekend, my Armenia Election Monitor 2008 says that Reporters Sans Frontieres’ first International Online Free Expression Day on 12 March is somewhat timely.

Caucasus: Internal & External Problems

Marilisa Lorusso's blog rounds up the latest political and geopolitical developments from the South Caucasus and says that all three republics are preoccupied with seeking solutions to unresolved internal and external problems. The blog also notes that despite state of emergency restrictions on the media, activity on the Internet continues...

Armenia: Video Evidence

Unzipped posts a video apparently proving that police fired directly at protesters during last week's clashes between the opposition and authorities in downtown Yerevan. I say “apparently” because as YouTube has been blocked as part of state of emergency restrictions on the media, it can't be viewed in Armenia.

Caucasus: Eurovision Song Contest Fever… and Politics

It might be considered a little cheesy, but the South Caucasus takes participation in the annual Eurovision song contest very seriously indeed. Not only does the competition represent the region moving closer to Europe, but given that this year has proven to be a political turbulent one it might also provide people here with a welcome break from rigged votes and post-election unrest.

Dubai: Leave Our Islands Alone!

Dubai Sunshine appeals to developers to leave islands alone. “I noticed that many islands had a “no trespassing allowed” sign on them…While others were littered with construction machinery. Some islands already have some private resorts built on them,” writes the blogger.

Armenia: Alternative Religious Message

Unzipped posts a summary of a talk show broadcast earlier today on a religious radio station in Yerevan which featured an Armenian priest criticizing both the government and the opposition for the situation in the country. Regretting the media blackout which has accompanied the state of emergency, the priest found...

Barbados: Promises Kept?

  9 March 2008

The new Prime Minister of Barbados is yet to implement his proposed Ministerial Code and has “made statements indicating that the promised ‘100 days’ deadline for integrity and freedom of information legislation may not happen” – Barbados Free Press says: “Should Prime Minister Thompson and the DLP Government continue down...