8 March 2008

Stories from 8 March 2008

Venezuela: Agreement Reached in Santo Domingo

  8 March 2008

After a very tense week between three South American countries, presidents from the entire region met in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The original agenda was scrapped in order to address the border crisis that had been continuing with insults, complaints and challenges. However, an agreement was reached after lengthy debates leaving each country satisfied with preserving their original argument. Venezuelan bloggers join in and provide their thoughts on the crisis during the week.

Environment: Elephant Culling and Crisis in The Mara

  8 March 2008

In this issue of Global Voices environment, we check in with various blogs around the world. The themes are varied, and some are of global concern with commentary from Kenya about elephant culling in South Africa, commentary from Europe on “Eco-colonialism” in Botswana, Brazil, DRC, Patagonia and other countries. Image...

China: We need a consistent and pro-trade US president

  8 March 2008

In response to the news of American presidential candidate Barack Obama's stance on NAFTA, but prior to this week's round of presidential primaries, political blogger Michael Anti wrote a few words on his dusty MSN blog on what a President Obama would mean for China in 'Meet Obama's America of (undpredictable) change'

St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Bomb Scare

  8 March 2008

Blogging from St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Abeni is horrified that “patients and staff of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital had to be hurriedly evacuated” because of a bomb scare.

Trinidad & Tobago: Tourism Leader?

  8 March 2008

As a new study reveals that Trinidad & Tobago is set to show the greatest tourism growth in the region, Discover TnT Blog says: “What we all hope is that T&T – promoted as the ‘true Caribbean’ – does not dilute all that makes it unique in order to compete...

Barbados, USA: HIV Impact

  8 March 2008

Blogging from Barbados, Gallimaufry quotes AIDS activist Masimba Biriwasha on the potential impact of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS epidemic on the US.

Armenia: Hypnosis & 2013

Armenia Now comments on statements from the Armenian Prosecutor General that opposition supporters had been “hypnotized” by former president, Levon Ter-Petrossian. The entry on the new blog also questions various actions and statements by opposition, government and international representatives and hopes that a leader worthy to lead the country will...

Armenia: Women's Day Demonstration

Unzipped reports that a demonstration was held today in Yerevan to mark International Woman's Day by approximately 30 women relatives of some or all of the victims that died in last week's clash between the opposition and authorities.

Jamaica: Homophobia

  8 March 2008

“What’s at the crux of such bigotry? Our homophobia can be so extreme that a man who has only one woman is suspect. And there in lies the subtext, that our Homophobia is not really homophobia at all but a crisis in manliness”: Marlon James dissects the issue of homophobia...

Guyana: The Art of Living

  8 March 2008

Guyana-Gyal has not blogged since the massacre in Lusignan, but she's back, stronger and braver than ever before: “…Though I am furious about them murders, though I am full of grief, I ain’t feeling that horrible, heart-thumping fear that does grip me.”

Korea: Korean Students in the U.S.

  8 March 2008

There are more than 100,000 Korean students in the U.S. It was the main news in Korea the last week. The increase of 10 percent every year helped Korea remain the top student-sending country in the U.S. for a second year, ahead of India and China. Korean students at Harvard...

Armenia: Internet Domains Suspended

Nazarian comments on moves taken by the National Security Service (NSS) in Armenia to suspend certain .am internet domain names during the current post-election state of emergency. The blog says that as critical as he is of the United States, it is hard to imagine that the FBI or CIA...

Russia: Natalia Morar's Domodedovo Ordeal

Below is the translation of journalist Natalia Morar's first blog post since her departure from Russia, published on March 4. Morar, a citizen of Moldova, was "barred from entering Russia in December on a secret Federal Security Service order" and was denied entry into Moscow again last week, spending three days in detention at Moscow's Domodedovo airport with her husband, a Russian citizen.

Russia: Political Jokes

Over at La Russophobe, Dave Essel writes about Soviet and contemporary political jokes. Here's one: “Putin’s Reform Programme: 1. Make people rich and happy; 1a. List of people attached.”