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Azerbaijan: Death Star Hotel

Death Star Hotel

It looks quite impressive and futuristic on first glance — a hotel that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star from the Star Wars films. Remarkably, however, the hotel will not be built in Las Vegas or Dubai. It is instead planned for Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Fan IQ thinks that the project is an attempt to increase Baku's chances of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games, and if so, the sports blog believes it might just have succeeded.

So although the 2016 Games are a long way off, if you're a city that wants to host them, you better get your act together.

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, officially has it's #$%@ together. They're in the intense running for the 2016 Games – which will be announced next year – and I think they just took the lead.

How so?

Well, my friends, they're going to build a hotel based off of the Death Star from Star Wars for the Games.

The Geeky Traveler seems impressed too.

Azerbaijan is not a country that is usually top on the list for people desperately wanting a vacation, but they’re working on a concept hotel that may draw attention and interest. Although it’s designed in such a way that it changes appearance depending on the angle, from the front it looks remarkably like the Death Star from Star Wars, and I have to say that if I did end up needing to travel there for some reason, I would totally want to stay in the Death Star hotel!

The Gadgets Blog, however, wonders if there isn't more to the futuristic hotel than meets the eye.

I personally just think it’s a cover up for things to come and I’m taking the proper precautions.

The last time someone planned to build a Death Star, there was a little guy named Anakin walking around claiming to bring a balance in the force. And well, we all know how that one turned out.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in a bunker in Iceland rounding up Wookies and Ewoks.

May the Force be with you.

Gizmodo gets equally excited, but then notices an important difference between the hotel and the intergalactic space station than can obliterate entire planets.

They call it “Full Moon” but they are not fooling us: this is a fully armed, fully operational battle station. And it shall be destroyed before it's too late, with a bunch of small fighters that can escape its turbolasers and drop proton torpedoes down an exhaust port. Or maybe not, if you look at it from its side.

Vagabondish also notes that the resemblance stops on further inspection, but brings us all back down to earth by sharing information that might actually be of more interest to potential tourists. The blog also remarks that it's interesting to note that the further east you travel, the more futuristic architectural design gets.

[O]n to the actual living conditions, and the interiors promise to be lavishly spacious – just 382 rooms spread across 35 floors and 104,182 square meters of space. The Full Moon Hotel sits on a wavy podium with two apartment complexes at either side, named, quite fittingly, Palace of Wind 1 and 2.

It’s interesting to see how so many of these futuristic looking designs are moving eastward. Traditionalists may cringe at the Full Moon Hotel’s design with thousands of hexagonal honeycombs running through its back, but you have to admit, it is a change from conventional tall, drab blocks of concrete with no defining features for miles.

Regardless, as About:Blank points out, whether it's officially called the Full Moon Rising Hotel or not, it will probably be referred to by everyone as “that Death Star Hotel.” Olympics or not, there will likely be a few Star Wars conventions in Baku. If so, count me in. The Hotel looks cool.


  • Tommy

    Looks unstable, like it’s country!

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  • hi this is mai n im work at Japanese TV company which is called TV ASAHI n we would like to use the picture of Death Star Hotel . Plese let me know, how i can get this picture.

    if you have any question , let me know.

    cell phonez# 090-7288-8766
    or 03-3406-1390

    thanks a lot


  • Alexandr

    Hi there,
    what a bull shit are you talk about azerbaijan? I dont believe to persons who says they are living in Azerbaijan 3 years and everythink is shit! If thats true why you are living there? Ive been many times there no problems vs visa or passport, also Jonatan dont say stupid thinks about azeri terorism! We have heard about armenian terrorizm even from US autors, but azeri terrorizm its your dream! I guess you armenian who lies about living in azerbaijan and try to disinform the people.

  • babek

    ye u right alexandr they just jelous and doesent wanna believe to that not just armenian people all the world is jelous.we newer have any terrorists and thing what happend in budapest nothing about terrorism in there it is different which is persons like Johnathan balayan cant undarstand that.yes azerbaijan not yet ready for big things like olimpic games but not long till that time.and not long till we will be in europe union!!!

  • nasrin

    sorry but yes, its really bullshit what ur talking bout here. Ok yeah i agree there is high corruption going on at Baku, but muslim terrorists?? Come on, instead of acting like the typical dumb western faggot and saying that all muslimic countries are raising terrorists you should maybe first live or at least visit the city, then you would see that azerbaijan is not at all like other islamic countries like iran,afghanistan, iraq, pakistan, whatever… most people are not even that religious,.. got it?!
    and by the way: its the armenians who occupied our land, not us, so we are just defending ourselfs, >.<…

  • Loreley

    Im Darth Vather , Welcome to my Crib ! xD

    • Zareh

      Said, you’re confused, it’s you muslim tatars who are all the terrorists. The entire world knows it. We managed to liberate part of our homeland from you tatar invaders and will in the future liberate more so that you are finally all forced back to your homeland in the Altai.

  • Sadiq

    All terorists are in Armenia..nobody says anything about wild armenians..

  • alex

    it is soo beautiful construction

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