7 March 2008

Stories from 7 March 2008

Syria: We Stand Against Occupation

As the death toll in Gaza continues to climb, Razan Ghazzawi zooms in on the efforts of a Syrian student in the US, who is working on creating awareness of the conflict at his university campus and showing that the Palestinians losing their lives are human too.

Kuwait: R.I.P Ahmad AlRubi'e

Kuwaiti bloggers lament the death of leading intellectual and politician Dr Ahmad AlRubi'e. Many bloggers posted condolences to his family on their blogs and some others wrote passionately about how connected to him they were. Abdullatif AlOmar brings us the story.

Armenia: Conspiracy Theory

Archuk's Blog argues that the reappearance of former president Levon Ter-Petrossian to the political scene in Armenia as well as post-election unrest is linked to Kosovo's independence and attempts to find a solution to the longstanding conflict with Azerbaijan over the breakaway territory of Nagorno Karabakh. The blog sees the...

Armenia: Souless State Department

The Armenia Now blog remarks on the arrival of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza in Armenia in an attempt to defuse tensions after last weekend's post-election riot which left eight dead. The blog criticizes Bryza for his comments to president-elect Serge Sargsyan.

Azerbaijan: Death Star Hotel

It looks quite impressive and futuristic on first glance -- a hotel that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Death Star from the Star Wars films. Remarkably, however, the hotel will not be built in Las Vegas or Dubai. It is instead planned for Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Iran:President,people and nulcear issue

Mohmmad Ali Abtahi,former reformist vice president, writes that Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,says “Iran has passed superpowers and nuclear issue is finalized.” He adds “the most important reason public opinion does not trust the statements of officials is making use of this kind of advertisement.”

China: Photojournalist Fired for “Political Incident”

  7 March 2008

Wang Lili, a 52-year old photojournalist of Tongzhou Newsletter, was fired because the chief executive of Beijing Tongzhou District "bowed the head with closed eyes, presenting an off-colored image" in his picture report. The story quickly became a hot topic in Chinese blogosphere and all sorts of online communities.

Thailand: Weapons Trader's Arrest

  7 March 2008

Bangkok Pundit translates and comments on a Thai news paper story on a Russian arms dealer. The dealer was hoodwinked by Thai police and American agents who posed as the member of Colombian militant group FARC.