Kuwait's Double National Day Celebrations

Two national day celebrations were marked in Kuwait last week – one on February 25 and the second on February 26. Kuwait's bloggers were quick to dig into the history of the celebrations.

LiL ALiEN in a post entitled معلومات وطنية للجيل الجديد (National Information for New Generation) writes:

ماهو التاريخ الاساسي لإستقلال دولة الكويت؟

في 19 يونيو 1961 تم إلغاء معاهدة الحماية البريطانية التي وقعت في 23 يناير 1899 ، و إعلان استقلال دولة الكويت

What is the actual day for Kuwait's independence? On June 19, 1961, the British protectorate treaty was annulled and Kuwait's independence was announced. The treaty was signed on January 23, 1899.
لماذا يحتفل الناس بالعيد الوطني لدولة الكويت بتاريخ 25 فبراير؟

لأنه اليوم الذي استلم فيه المرحوم الشيخ عبدالله السالم الصباح الحكم بتاريخ 25 فبراير 1950 بالإضافه أنه اول يوم بدأ فيه استخدام النشيد الوطني الحالي

Why people celebrate the national independence day on February 25 then?
Because it's the day Sheikh Abdullah AlSalim AlSabbah became the Amir in 1950. (Sheikh Abdullah was the one to cancel the treaty with Britain and announce the constitution) and it was also the first time the new and current national anthem was used.
ماذا يعني تاريخ 26 فبراير لدولة الكويت؟

26 فبراير 1991 هو يوم تحرير الكويت من الغزو الصدامي الغاشم الذي بدأ في 2 اغسطس 1990 ودام 7 أشهر، وساعد في تحرير الكويت 30 دولة بقيادة الولايات المتحدة وبتشريع من الأمم المتحدة

What does February 26 mean to Kuwait ?
February 26 is the day Kuwait was liberated from the Iraqi invasion which started on August 2, 1990, and lasted for seven months. More than 30 countries helped liberate Kuwait under the leadership of the United States and the mandate of the United Nations.

RADIANT GUY created a slide show to commemorate the occasion.

I've created this slide show (below) for Kuwait's independence and liberation days using photos I've taken my self between 2006 – 2008 in several locations

Decorations to mark Kuwait

wrote a short poem:

We may speak of as if its dull
While it seem as if amount of logic is null
Sometimes you are surrounded by culls
Which would drive you mad and make you go on quell
But there is nothing like that can make you lull
In the end the glass is not half empty but half full

Of course not everyone is happy with what happens during such celebrations.
describes what happened to her when she went out.

Yesterday, I was finishing up a project around 6 and heading to my next appointment when I turned onto Gulf road. Big mistake. I should have taken my clue from the barriers guarding entry to the left on Gulf road, but as I was turning right, I didn’t give it more than a second thought.

Big mistake. Suddenly I am caught in semi-gridlock, and the worst kind, gridlock with gangs of adolescents wandering the sidewalks on both sides of the car, gridlock with main routes being barred, gridlock with people in adjacent cars spraying each other with high arching streams of foam – it’s like suddenly being in the middle of a nightmare.

mpjs gives advice of what to do during the Hala February celebrations, an extravagant celebration to mark the occasion.

After a year of waiting, Hala February Celebrations have come to their max today. I very eagerly wait for today since I get sprayed with foam when I make eye contact with these kids. I wait eagerly every year for this day waiting for the newspaper guy to come to my doorstep and drop the paper so that I can read about the crimes they have committed

Image Credit : Yousef from somecontrast

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