3 March 2008

Stories from 3 March 2008

Barbados, Grenada: Test of Democracy

  3 March 2008

Barbadian blogger Notes From The Margin says of reports that police in Grenada were caught spying on an opposition party planning meeting: “On an island with Grenada’s bloody history, democracy is too fragile to take anything for granted.”

Egypt: How to Say I Love You

“The New fashion in Egypt when you fall in love and want to propose to your girl is to announce publicly in the street !! Yes You go to an advertising company and ask them to rent for you a billboard or mini billboard in a busy street to send...

Egypt: US Kills No Terrorists in Somalia

A U.S. airstrike this morning targeting a “known al-Qaeda terrorist” in Somalia destroys two houses, approximately the size of my bedroom, killing 3 women, 3 children and no terrorists, writes Egyptian blogger D B Shobrawy, who ends his post with: “And that's how you recruit a terrorist.”

Lebanon: USS Cole in the Neighborhood

The deployment of the US warship USS Cole off the Lebanese coast has added to the nervousness and concern about the political deadlock and stability in Lebanon. The warship is anchored about 96 km (60 Miles) off the Lebanese coast. Following are some reflections from Lebanese bloggers on the situation.

India: Death of a writer

  3 March 2008

Dabbler on the death of Tamil writer Sujatha, and the irony of offering condolences in a way that might have not sat well with the writer.

India: Schooling and Privilege

  3 March 2008

Musing on education, schooling and privilege, of this and that writes on childhood memories and Itching to Write questions – how much is too much.

Japan: Crack Down on Indecency

  3 March 2008

James from Japan Probe refers to local news reports on the crack down of indecency in Japan and points out that the law enforcement is rather arbitrary.