Middle East: Wishing Kosovo all the Best!

Bloggers and some politicians in the Middle East were quick to draw parallels between Kosovo's independence from Serbia and the Palestine Question. Following the news from the Balkans, here's a snapshot of more reactions from Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


From Israel, Aussie Dave finds the parallel ridiculous to say the least. He writes:

“Kosovo is not better than us. We deserve independence even before Kosovo, and we ask for the backing of the United States and the European Union for our independence.”

- Yasser Abed Rabbo, aide to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas

The sad thing is, he probably believes it.

I honestly can’t think of one reason why the so-called palestinians deserve independence. As I have argued time and time again, even if you acknowledged they were a distinct nation entitled to self-determination in the historical homeland of the Jews, they have forfeited any right to independence through their morally reprehensible behavior.

Yael, takes another stance, saying:

This little new country, like our own, is going to have rough going. I wish them the best and hope that they, as we have, will survive. I hope that both Kosovo and our own country in the future will have peace with our neighbours, even if it is a cold and not at all friendly peace, but a peace and cessation of violence nonetheless. Congratulations Kosovo. Welcome to the world of nations. Welcome, too, to the reality of that world that is not necessarily something to celebrate. I hope that you and your nation not only survive but find peace and prosperity sooner than our little nation which, after 60 years, is prospering but still attacked from nearly all sides. I do indeed wish you luck new little country and I think that you will need it.


Abdulrahman Warsame, who based in Qatar, also hopes the best for the people of Kosovo – but for different reasons. He explains:

The long wait is over. It's a great moment, how often do you see a new country born, and what if it's a predominantly Muslim country in the heart of Europe?

EU and US recognition is expected to come tomorrow, together with many Muslim countries. Russia and Serbia have made it clear that, though unable to stop Kosovo from becoming independent, they'll make it painful for the kosovars.

Looking at the bright side, ‘Aqoul comments on Qatar's Al Jazeera coverage, saying:

A brief note, the coverage today of the Kosovo declaration / celebrations on Al Jazeerah and on Al Jazeerah was quite interesting: the actual Sat broadcasts focused quite a lot on the Kosovo-American flag pairing and US … conditional support I suppose. Interesting imagery to be dominating the screen. The US could stand for this sort of positive imagery more often. One does not often get imagery on the Sats of hidjab wearing ladies leaning out of cars waving American flags wildly.

Saudi Arabia:

An even brighter outlook comes from Dotsson, from Saudi Arabia, who is really excited about Kosovo's declaration because of matters close to the heart. He announces:

I don't know much about Kosovo except that it recently declared independence from Serbia and a bunch of hot women came out on the streets to celebrate.

But not everyone is celebrating. Russia is upset because it regards the move as an infringement on Serbia’s territorial integrity. But **** Russia and Serbia and anyone else that has problem with Kosovo declaring independence. I don’t remember Russia protesting when Slobodan Milosevic was busy slaughtering ethnic Albanians.

In short, Dotsson supports an independent Kosovo and any cause where there are hot women on the streets. AND SO SHOULD YOU!


Zeinobia, from Egypt, wonders about where her country stands from the announcement. She writes:

Kosovo declared its independence and became a country the world is divided whether to recognize as independent state or not , even Europe is divided , I do not know on which team my country Egypt will be , but I think it will join the American team in the end and leave the Russian team , not because we are with the people of the Kosovo as a Muslim but because we are in the Same team of the American administration I am afraid.

And Tom Gara makes the following announcement:

I am offering a cash prize…

To the first rapper who uses the line “I'm independent like Kosovo.”


  • It says it all, i will quote it:

    I am offering a cash prize…

    To the first rapper who uses the line “I’m independent like Kosovo.”

    First, Kosovo is not legally independent.
    Second, Kosovo will never become member of UN.
    Third, Kosovo is under control of other more powerful countries.

    • Buna

      Ljubisa, you forgot to tell everyone here who killed those 15.000 Albanian women, chlidren and elders! Based on bullshit you wrote and your Propaganda, it will be they killed themselves! What about 200.000 killed civilians in Bosnia killed by Serbs? What about Croatia victims? Go, read something true and don’t spam around!

  • Ala

    Albania is a major population of Kosovo, which means its muslim. I personally believe Albanians are backstabbers to us, and are not acting like true muslims, because they are waving around american flags in celebration. We muslims, as respectful people, should respect international law and Serbia. Kosovo is a museum for the Serbs, it’s their roots, everything. It’s as if someone took the most historic part of Palestine from us. I dont think we would like that.

  • Give Palestinians a State, a nation, and they will surprise the world…

    Department of Public Information (DPI)
    21 February 2008

    AMMAN, 21 February — “This morning, we saw the real face of Palestine outside of Palestine,&#822…

  • El Paredon

    I wish the people well, they deserve genuine independence, however neither Kosova nor Albania are independent by any means. The only reason Kosova is so important to US is because of the enormous base there, which is being used to keep the muslims in Europe in line

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