Serbia: Bloggers Discuss Kosovo Independence

Kosovo's parliament passed the declaration of Kosovo‘s independence on Feb. 17. This decision came as a consequence of unsuccessful direct negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo, which lasted for the past few years.

During Milosevic's regime, Albanian ethnic group was clearly expressing the desire to separate from Serbia. Albanians who live in Kosovo felt that basic human rights were endangered there because that NATO forces were bombing Serbia over 70 days in 1999.

Adopting the declaration immediately provoked many Serbs to organize mass protests in Belgrade and several other Serbian cities.

Dejan Stankovic, Serbian blogger, on his B92 blog (SRP) expressed his feeling regarding the vandalism in Belgrade on Feb 17:

Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica charged the U.S. President and his European followers for creating the false country Kosovo.
Serbia shall never recognize the independence of Kosovo.
Bombs are laid in the foundation of the false country, Prime Minister marked.
And the culmination: “A McDonald's restaurant in Terazije (Belgrade's street) was demolished.”
As wife divorces her husband, he decides to lose the dignity and humiliates himself.
I was ashamed of the smashing.

Dejan Jovic, a fellow B92 blogger, considers that Kosovo will never be independent and this situation is not a permanent solution. He wrote on Feb 17:

[…] If it happens, however, that some countries recognize Kosovo independence, I fear it will just lead to new problems, not to a permanent solution. Why am I so pessimistic?
Firstly, it is obvious that Serbia will not recognize Kosovo's independence. Serbia will treat Kosovo as its own territory. There is a broad political consensus about it among almost all parties. […]
[…] This situation will produce new political conflict with countries that have recognized the independence of Kosovo. […]
[…] Secondly, Kosovo issue is now a big problem even for Europe that agreed (did it agree?) to be a guarantor of public order and peace on that territory. At the same time, some countries, members of the EU, will not recognize Kosovo's independence and the question is who and how will make decisions about this mission in the name of Europe. […]
[…] Thirdly, if Republika Srpska tries to do what Kosovo has done (and decides to block to the state institutions), this will create a new crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If Russia, in that case, supports Republika Srpska, there'll be a new political conflict between Russia and the U.S. The Kosovo issue will be supplemented with the new Bosnia issue. That would mean no stability of Bosnia and canceling of all that was done so far. […]

On his B92 blog (SRP), Marko Jevtic invited Serbia's public to boycott Slovenia's shopping centers in Serbia. He wrote on Feb 18:

An e-mail, which was created by an intelligent person, has been circulating around the internet this days:

Slovenia hasn't yet decided officially about recognizing Kosovo's independence. Slovenia's government clearly wants to do that but Slovenia's business people are not happy because of their big investments in Serbia and a possible reaction of the Serbian public. Help business people to persuade Slovenia's government that it is not valuable to disturb the relationships with Serbia and make the investment risks for the sake of unnecessary recognizing of independence of Kosovo. We shall do the best if we demonstrate a decisiveness and begin a boycott of Slovenian merchandise and companies such as Mercator and Merkur. That would be a support for Slovenia's business people to resist their government. To accomplish this, don't go to any of Slovenia's shopping malls on Feb. 19 and 20. The goal of the boycott is to change the anti-Serbian politics of Slovenia's government, not to disturb the relationships between the two countries. And Slovenia's business people are strong enough to change the politics of their government, if they are motivated. So: motivate them!
And, of course, send this email to everyone you know. […]

Dejan Ristac, a B92 blogger, on Feb. 17, wrote ironically about Serbia's refusal to accept this situation:

[…] [Tennis player Novak], forget others Grand Slams, don't play tennis at the heart of the ecil until they stop dancing over Kosovo. […]

A few days ago, Maruska commented at one of the blogs and recommended:

[…] I have added a petition against Kosovo's independence to this web site:


  • Vrej

    Yet another British instigated and American implemented treacherous act directed at uprooting Christian civilizations in general and Orthodox Christian civilizations in specific, wherever they may exist.

    The above mentioned two hypocrisies (as opposed to democracies) along with their cronies will ally themselves with the devils of the world and will fabricated facts just to discredit the Orthodox Christian civilizations and their history, traditions and accomplishments.

    If history is serves to be any lesson, first it was Constantinople, then Jerusalem and now it is Kosovo and soon, very soon it will be Athens and Moscow.

    As to their cronies, such as the EU, they better brace for the day when remnants of the Ottoman Empire will be springing up in there territories. It should be noted that they had knocked the doors of their cities previously, but rest assured there will be no knocking doors this time around, if history is to serve a lesson.

    In reality, Kosovo, an undisputed Serbian territory, was not kidnapped a few days ago by the thugs administering it by declaring independence unilaterally. Kosovo was practically handed over to the criminal band known as the KLA under NATO bombardment when a Russia, with all of its drummed up military might, under a drunken Boris Yeltsin sent a SINGLE spy ship to patrol the international waters off Yugoslavia during NATO’s criminal and destructive campaign in the ‘90’s.

    I would think that a Typhoon class submarine anchored off-shore would have given Mr. Clinton and Gen. Clark more to think about before embarking on their adventure.

    Hopefully, this serves as a lesson for the future leaders of the world Christian Orthodoxy that there are consequences to their complacency and history will judge them on the merits of them defending and protecting what was preserved and handed to them by the sacrifices and the bravery of their predecessors and past generations.

  • Vrej:

    This is one Serb in the Diaspora (US citizen, resident in Canada) who totally agrees. Bush is an amoral hypocrite, but what are the alternatives? The first person I ever heard call for an ‘independent Kosovo’ was Hilary Clinton and the war criminal Clark is being discussed as a vice-presidential candidate for B. Hussein Obama!

  • Dusan Memic

    All that countries which are advocates Kosovo are americans poltroon … nothing more, nothing less ….

  • Nikolai

    I am American but I want to visit Belgrade. I often do not agree with my government’s policy. It has long been my dream to visit Serbia. Is it safe for me?

  • Bojana

    Kako bi se svaki pojedinac osecao da mu oduzmu nesto sto pripada njegovom pradedi,dedi,ocu…njemu????

  • Vladimir

    Nikolai: Is it safe… Well.. Just like there are areas in the deep south of the US that aren’t African American friendly, you can bet that there are parts of Serbia that are not American friendly. However… in my experience… if you stay out of bars or just any situation where peoples’ civility might be compromised… like say a protest or a rally, I think you’ll be fine.

    PS: it never hurts to don a Canadian flag or two :P.

  • Sinisa Boljanovic

    Dear Nikolai,

    I understand your question and worry because current situation is more tense than usual in  Serbia. But, Serbs are  hospitable and very friendly. I know many people who was afraid to come to Serbia but they visited my country and they come back here very often.
    However, generations of Serbs grew up and educated that Kosovo is saint land. It is true, Serbia became as country in Kosovo and there are so many Serbian orthodox monasteries. Because that, it is understandable   why some people react very very emotively this days.
    If you really have a dream to visit Serbia, I will invite you to be my guest.

  • Benny

    Kosovo is NOT Serbia.

    Serbia’s claim on Kosovo as its 14th century culture heritage, is as valid as Albania’s claim on the West Balkans as its cultural heritage from the 2nd century A.D. Illyrian empire. Serbia deserved the NATO bombing and should be held liable for the thousands of lifes lost in Croatian, Bosnian & Kosovo war. Even Montenegro (Serbs brothers) wanted independence from Serbia. No surprise at all on Kosovo’s independence declaration. Serbia is a country that worships war criminals. The next independence will probably be from Vojvodina, but I hope Serbia will join EU by that time so it won’t matter as much.

    Good luck to Serbia and its peaceful neighbor Kosovo!

  • Benny,

    The only good things about this mess is that it guarantees that Serbia will never join the EU and that it might lead to the breakup of that monstrosity since some of the members, such as Spain, respect international law unlike the amoral minions og George Bush.

  • Delboy

    In respect of all the people demonstrating in London today and Serbs demonstrating in other countries. If you feel so strongly about the issue and your country, why are you not living there?

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