Eritrea: Listen to Eritrean Music

Listen to Eritrean music: “This is the last day of Eritrea Week. I don’t know enough about much of the music I’ve collected this week to write full posts so I decided to make you a mixtape instead.”


  • biniyam asmar

    hi every body i am bini from addis ababa realy i am satisfied by all eriteran music specialy hellen melese

  • Firial

    Can the comments stay within the realm of Eritrean music and musicians? A love for music is something that we all share, no matter what country we are from.

  • joe

    Hi to everybody,
    as promoter ofr Austria’s most exciting ethnic festival I’m looking for authentic musicians from Eritrea. If there is somebody who could recommend me a representing managements or agency, which I could conatct in my request, I’d be delighted …
    I know a little the Music of Helen Meles, but would love much more the music of Tsehaytu Beraki, but as far as I know, she lives in Holland and stoped to perform resp. to travel because of advanced age.


  • Eri girl

    Long Live Eritrea

    To #13- You can visit your local Eritrean community or the Eritrean embassy for assistance

  • semu

    to Habibi #9
    if dont u like shabia leave us alone ok , u go do yrs bussins

  • Habtemariam Abreha

    Everybody does have his/her own country. There is no queation on thisissue; if you are talking about preference of music however, you can choose whwtever you like. Beyond such kind of musical preference,however, I do not let any body who is not eritrean to talk about my country and my people.In the meen time, I do not want to hear from any Eritrean either to talk about Ethiopians because Ethiopians know about themselves beteer than any body else. If they do not know about their country and their people, it is their problem; it is not any Eritrean’s busines and vice versa. So what I recomend any peron who like to write/put his/her comment on the mass web site(s), please be advised to know your limitation of knowlege and look after your own business and I would like you to terminate wasting your time.
    with respect to evryone. Yours human being like
    everybody of you.

    • beki

      ” Don’t waste your time ! enjoy the music , the love & the joy of life ” you said , well done Habtemariam Abrha ! you are on the way to the truth.our world highly needs people who enjoy diversity and differences!

  • helina

    ok im sorry but comment # 8, 7, 5 and 10

    first of all when did eritrea ever respect ethiopia. and ethiopia thinks nothing of eritrea. we just want everyone to live together. and if im not mistaken there are soooo many dam problems in eritrea that there are over 300 eritreans fleeing every6 months into ethiopian refugee camps. so dont be talkin bout ethiopias problems when ethiopia is the one cleaning up after eritrea’s ass. and eritrea was not freakin illegally annexed i dont know were the hell yall got that idea from. if haile selassie did not take the italians out of that state yall woulda still been kissin italys ass now. and did you guys know there was a group in eritrea that had petitioned to fight the italians and get together with ethiopia. remember yall dont have history without ethiopia! what the hell was eritrea before the italians came huh? it was ethiopias 14th state and it wasnt even called eritrea! i bet yall didnt even know all this. so dont be callin ethiopians ignorant! and i dont see how yall is an independent country when yall was and still are and still will always be depending on Ethiopia cuz we are still helping yall out. i think its time eritreans gave credit for ethiopia. it was all always ethiopia! thats why ethiopia is written in every history book, bible, quran, etc. so yall the ones who is ignorant. im sick of eritreans who talk bad about haile selassie or ethiopia! but keep this in mind eritrea was not at war with ethiopia, it was fighting communism! all of ethiopia was fighting communism. so go on and read yall history books b4 u start sayin stuff because for one eritrean there are 100 ethiopians! i can go on and on and on but im done for now ok

  • selamta

    hollow hellina you are right, by the way i’m an eritrean born in adiss and i know the history of eritrea . most eritrean they know their history but,they don’t want to say it b/c they afraid of their heridity, why i think b/c of colonization the reason why they don’t want to discuss their identity with other people. but, they know they are the same people. -.if they disrespect ethiopian means their own people,then who are they come from? i think they don’t have any identity too.both,i believe we are the same people in history and heridity but, politically different.

  • ade

    helena, you forwarded an excellent opnion. do you think that some damin eretreans are believ in your(truth) idea. cos they are shallow minded and helly occupied!!!!! still i’m not talking about the well respected parts of eretrean people but about narrow thinkers!!!!

  • beki

    Eritrea ,Ethiopia ,Kenya are all fake territories people line when they start to loss their consciousness and start to be surrenders of their egos .The ego in our mind always run against our peace .when people fail to recognize their egos then they start to say we are better than the others, we are special but the others. politicians aggravate this dream because their existence depends on it highly . politicians never want their people to say “we are as special as the rest of people in other countries”.Hitler has been dinosaur one time by destroying millions of innocent lives because he convinced Germans that they are special than the rest of human race. Nowadays also the US people are highly preached by their politicians that they are supper human though there is also some resistance from some conscious Americans.these politicians are really sick peoples which need emergency psychotherapy before destroying more innocent lives .we r all equally special .All Eritreans are special & lovely! All Ethiopians are special and lovely! stop to be crazy!we are all beautiful. Live your golden life in peace! I was born and grown in Asmara “busta” but now living in my country of origin Ethiopia . I love u all.

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