Eritrea: Listen to Eritrean Music

Listen to Eritrean music: “This is the last day of Eritrea Week. I don’t know enough about much of the music I’ve collected this week to write full posts so I decided to make you a mixtape instead.”


  • Asfaw Gedamu

    Hello there! I love Eritrean music very much!
    musicians I love most:
    Abraham Afewerky
    Yemane Barya

  • Ermias

    selam waww yhats good to hear. Eritrean music are nice and lovely so w wish to hear them again and again. Abrar, Abrahm Afworki, Yemane(Baryaa), Helen Meles, Kahsay Berehe ——

  • redae wedi-agame

    kief,eritrean music made me very delighted,happiness…just I feel abig enchantement to express my feeling on your music from ETHIOPIA.

  • Hi There

    First off, to the comment above @ #4, you’re an idiot, cause the post is clearly about Eritrea and not Ethiopia. So it makes no sense that you try and incorporate Ethiopia in to this.

    I also like listening to Eritrean music. There is good music coming from that corner of the world. Helen Meles, Elsa Kidane, Abraham Afeworki, Korchach, Tesfay Mehari, Dawit Shilan Tsehaytu Beraki easily come to mind.


    Comment #4, i am still annoyed with your post!

  • Kindu Wedi badme

    I do not like shabia music but I like the great country ethiopian music

  • Asfaw Gedamu

    I strongly support comment #4 and as I have understood it when It ETHIOPIA it means the original great Ethiopia before Eritrea was Separated.I don’t think that the new Ethiopia and Eritrea will remaine separated forever I’m looking forward to seeing Eritreans and Ethiopians living togather jointly as they where.I love Eritea and Eritreans who always want to live peasefully with the world in general and of their nighobours in particular and I hope the grouch ones will also learn from their mistake to live a harmonic life with their brothers in Ethiopia.

    Africa Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eritrea Now and FOREVER

    Its so annoying when Ethiopians do not have the decency to respect Eritreans and the fact that we do not want to ever join Ethiopia. Leave it alone. Eritrea was never Ethiopia’s to begin with. We were forcefully annexed into Ethiopia and fought long and hard to fight for independence because we are not Ethiopians but ERITREANS.

    Back to the TOPIC. Wow so many artist to choose from. I suggest you go to youtube or to look up Eritrean music. Most of the best and well-known songs are located at those sites!

  • Sini

    To Dear #6

    I agree some of your comment, I don’t like shabia but I strongly like all the Eretra music. Specially the greatest singers with great voice, Abraham Afewerky and
    Yemane Barya. I’m really…..really sad that we lost Abraham Afewerky, I’m not sure if any great voice left over for our Eretra?

  • Issias

    Its mind boggling to us Eritreans that some Ethiopians is so ignorant when it comes to Eritrea.

    99.99% voted for independence from Ethiopia after a 30 year struggle for freedom.

    I think Ethiopians should forget about Eritrea and save your energy to solve problems you have within your country like the other groups you have that are fighting for independence to.

    And that the tigray group that represents 2% of your population is running your entire nation says it all..

    Eritrea is NOT Ethiopia and will never be.

    Red sea belongs to us and if occupated we’ll re-seized every inch of land back as we did before. One Eritrean heart is enough to smash 10 ethiopian/u.s tanks.

    Long live Eritrea!

    Welcome to Asmara all peace loving people!!!

    • ade

      Ethiopia is by far better than eretrea!!! it is not the hell for its nations. actually country means not the land but the nation; now aday the majority of eretrean peoples are sufering of the ruling system of Esayes Afeork. so, since you know this how you can apriciate this horor govering system; generaly life in eretrea.
      so, please know your self know your enemy(Esayes Afeork). finally i love all eretreans with their songs.

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