Philippines: Early campaigning for 2010 polls

Philippine political parties and politicians are already preparing for the 2010 presidential elections. This is disappointing since important social reform measures are sidestepped as politicians begin to concentrate on their presidential ambitions.

Philippine Politics and Elections provides a shortlist of possible presidential candidates. Journalist RG Cruz mentions the potential tandems in the 2010 polls. JP Mercado, who will be a first time voter in 2010, is already researching the background of some rumored candidates. Smoke suggests ten platforms for the top ten potential presidential candidates.

The Mt. Balatucan Monitor thinks the main choices appear to be “unpalatable.” Peter Laviña New Blog quotes a legislator who believes “the long period between now and 2010 should serve as a winnowing process to level the playing field.”

Pedestrian Observer is frustrated over the early campaigning of politicians:

“So many presidential wannabe’s jockeying or rather scrambling to position themselves this early is just pathetic…this would be another comical if not tragic chapter in the annals of dirty politics of the nation.”

Daily Musings reminds candidates over the disadvantages of early campaigning:

“While starting early may give us an idea of the candidates’ plans, it may also work against them in the sense that by the time the actual campaign period starts, their resources may already be depleted.”

Nomadicasian’s Weblog has a bleak prospect for the 2010 polls:

“It will be bloody because killings and election fraud will dominate the drama and the Philippines, as this third world country will remain in the doldrums of hunger, poverty and restlessness.”

Glenrose is wondering why no candidate has spoken of the need to modernize the election process:

“Strangely enough, out of so many aspirants who had spread open their presidential ambitions in the table like a deck of cards, not one of them — repeat, not a single soul among them as of this writing — has professed to help ensure that the next elections should be as professional as the candidates themselves, technology-driven, and consign to museum the manual counting of old (as old as the 2007 elections, though). Unless an automated presidential derby two years hence is secured, would-be candidates better drop their dizzying obsession for now and buckle down to work, to contribute even an iota of an effort to make the modern, computerized elections a reality in Philippine politics.”

Only in the Philippines explains why an endorsement from the incumbent president is a kiss of death:

“The problem with the administration is that they weren’t able to develop a strong candidate because of President Arroyo’s negative ratings. The constant issues on corruption, political killings, and bombings keep on coming with every day that passes. It’s reached a point wherein people think that being endorsed by the President is like a kiss of death.”

Schumey has a similar analysis:

“With Gloria Arroyo's popularity in the gutters and her trust rating in the sewer, she is the last person any aspirant would want to be their endorser. Her virus is far-reaching and everything or anyone she touches disintegrates into immorality.”

Uniffors has an advice for Vice President Noli de Castro. Cheftonio’s B log is supporting the chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority. The Equalizer highlights the seven keys of leading candidate Senator Mar Roxas. Two politicians known for exemplary leadership at the local level is contemplated as a possible tandem too.

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas appeals to overseas Filipinos:

“We need to form a party whose candidates will all be coming from the overseas Filipinos. Idealistic, vibrant, educated, technologically-savvy, full of good ideas, noble, morally upright and most of all, free from the deadly virus of graft and corruption. I'm sure we can find among the eight million Filipinos in diaspora, one thousand five hundred good men and women to run as Mayors in their respective towns, two hundred forty good men and women to run for Congress in their respective districts, Twelve good men and women to run for Senate, and one good man/woman that we can rally behind to run for President.”

Babbleboyquito criticizes the political system of the country:

“The headline of yesterday's paper was about how the political parties are already planning who they will field as presidential candidates for the 2010 elections. 2008 just started and now they're already thinking about 2010. I think that's the problem with our political system. We are perennially in election season. As soon as one election ends, politicians already start campaigning for the next one albeit discreetly. They forget about the task at hand of trying to improve the quality of living of their constituents.”

Pinoyblogero on blogging and the 2010 polls:

“Candidates for the 2010 presidential elections would start their own blogs. Campaign managers would advise presidential candidates to have their own blogs as a promotional tool for their campaigns. Candidates don’t really need to write on the blogs, they would just hire someone to do it for them.”

Hurting’s Weblog will vote for a candidate with these qualities:

“I will stick to the candidate who is young, intelligent, and highly moral. That is what we actually need. Someone who is straight and strong!”

Perspectives of a bum describes the road each candidate will pass during the campaign period:

“The road to Malacañang is a dangerous one, albeit very exciting so to speak. One might do everything to arrive there first. One might fall back along the path and never recover. One might become impoverished of wealth or of friends. It is a road surely only one wins, but a road a lot dreams of. It is the seat of power after all and power, as history tells us, can breed greed.”

Candidates should answer the questions posed by Zeamae28:

Are you willing to serve the people and our country? Or will you just run as president for your own undying political ambition?

Mayan tells voters to be more intelligent in 2010:

“When 2010 presidential election comes, let us not all be blinded by the glitz, glamour and phony advertisements and press releases of these politicians.”

Thoughts Asylum believes it is not too early for politicians to confess their political plans for 2010:

“How could a supposedly responsible senator, whom we voted to supposedly think about the nation’s future, be saying it’s too freaking early to talk about something happening in the next two years?”

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  • 2010 is still far away but thinking for future is not a bad thing. After all, Filipinos are sick of the Arroyo regime. We need to know the better alternatives in leading the Philippines. I believe Sen. Mar Roxas deserves to be the next President that’s why I created a blog for him which is

  • Mong keep up the good work of aggregating the many voices coming out on the 2010 elections. Cheers from Davao!

  • Mong,

    When it comes to politics in the Philippines K. Marx is wrong dead wrong because it is not religion that is the opiate of the Filipino people but politics.

    The Lozada revelation is proof of that when you see these politicians so focused on the 2010 election instead of dealing with the immediate problem of corruption, transparency & accountability.

    Philippine politics is all about Greed & Corruption, that is just like a jar of Jalapeños. What you do today…………….. might burn your A$$ tomorrow.

  • jose rizal bin laden

    in my province politics are grabbing to main goverment offices…they want the water distribution office and the electrical cooperative to be take over so that they can have a lot of political campaign materials for 2010… it is sad that my country philippines swarm by crocodiles politicians mafia goverments and a politician with personal interest. if i have a chance to go abroad i will never come back in this country again unless it is cleaned by all sort of evil deeds.

  • thanks for the link and you have a good article here. I would be providing more information about election and politics and of course updates on the latest issues happening in the Philippines.

    issues like the ZTE deal and other scams are tackled in my blog. for others who would want to share their views may visit this blog.



    • mmd

      bilib sana ako kay loren pero i was dismayed when she left her party to join the opposition in tandem with fpj sa ’04 presdentl elections…sayang.

    • Angela

      I agree with you REALITY, our country needs a Change! And we can only do that if we will Vote for MADAM LOREN LEGARDA… Maraming mga nagawa para sa ating bansa si Loren Legarda, mga adbokasiya nya para sa kahirapan at pangangalaga ng ating kalikasan, compare to MAr bading na wala namang ginawa sa senate kundi ang maupo at magpapansin, walang asenso ang bansa kung sya ang iboboto natin…. LEt US vote for loren legarda IF WE WANT REAL CHANGE..!

  • We have heard this new group, the “moral force”. They are not the opposition but they considered themselves as the group that could change philippine politics. The “kaya natin” movement (grace padaca, gov. panlilio, and others) and the group of Supreme Court chief justice Puno.

    Do you think opposition would support and unite with this group? Are we ready to change traditional politics?

  • ronnie

    kung nabubuhay pa si Raul Roco noon.naging pangulo siya ng Pilipinas. pero sayang wala na siya. kung si PGMA ang sipsip.siya ang sumisira sa kahirapan ng ating bansa. tignan mo ang kanyang ama na si Diosdado Macapagal. may ginawa ba siyang kalokohan? wala di ba. yung si Gloria lang ang may kalokohan sa buhay ng ekonomya natin. o kung si Manny Villar. OK siya. basta wag lang si Kabayan Noli!!!!

  • NOEL AGUIRRE – 2010 Potential Presidential Candidate

    Has a MISSION to fulfill, NOT an ambition for political interest. Wants to Transform Our Country To Become Self-Reliant. Envisions Prosperity; Abundant Food, Products, Maximum Employment, Peace & Order. To propagate the rice industry & manufacture Phil made appliances, electronics, automobiles, ships, helicopters, airplanes to maximize utilization of our tremendous unemployed manpower. The Philippines must be a PRODUCER! NOT mere Consumer.
    I seek for your invaluable support to my advocacy; please disseminate this email to your colleagues.
    With much gratitude,

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