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Peru: Wendy Sulca, Child Video Sensation

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Wendy Sulca LogoThrough FaceBook messages, YouTube and blogs, Peruvian 10 year old Wendy Sulca has become quite popular in the last couple of months, with a sudden surge in the past few days far beyond the Peruvian border.

In Damr.net, [1] she gets touted as the successor of Delfin Quishpe, the Ecuadorian character who became a viral sensation signing about a girlfriend who died on the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Sin palabras con este video, sin duda es la sucesora o hija de Delfin Quishpe [2].

(aporte de Virginia [3])

No need for words for this video, it is doubtless that she is the successor or the daughter of Delfin uishpe.

(via Virginia)

The video referred to is “La Tetita” [4], a song written and sung by her in the Peruvian folkloric style. The song, “The Tittie”, talks about how she really likes to drink from her mother´s breast, and a male voice-over mentions her young age, her virtue, her great voice, and how she´s the hope and example for millions of children in Peru. Following, the “The tittie” video, in Spanish with English subtitles.

Several different users re-posted her videos on the Youtube video sharing site, increasing her popularity. There is a WendySulca YouTube channel [5] with her official videography. The Wendy Sulca Official Fan Website, wendysulcaclub.blogspot.com [es] [6] also has her videos as well as a text biography of the singer “who besides wanting to be a professional singer, wishes to be a teacher”. Videos online have the watermark to the eymard7vivas blog [es] [7].Comments to her videos are varied. Blogger DiscoShawn had this to say about the Wendy Sulca phenomenon [8]:

In recent weeks my inbox has been flooded with messages saying “Nuevo Comentario Sobre: Wendy Sulca – Papito”. After months of virtually no one watching the video, it was apparently re-posted on a few websites, including this porn-ish site [9] (I don't get it either – gross) and a Chilean blog called Por La Puta [10]. The video is now up to around 20,000 views on YouTube, which is still relatively small but an exponential increase from just a couple of weeks ago. The comments section on the video's YouTube page [11] has also exploded with people chiming in about everything from child exploitation to whether the music is folklorico or cumbia.

You´ll find people complaining on these videos ranting about the terrible image that is left of Peru thanks to these artists, like previous Peruvian viral sensation la Tigresa del Oriente [12] and now Wendy. There are others who give her kudos for singing Peruvian folkloric songs, and others just plain love the kitschyness of her videos. Some users, however, are concerned about the mixed message the video sends out when the male “Voice in Off” says that 18 year old men also like “the titties”, and these men, who happen to be the band members, are shown ogling a young girl walking by. It seems to be a far cry from what Wendy Sulca wanted to express through her original song about her love for breastfeeding.

Viewers also find some of her other videos inappropriate for a 10 year old due to the lyrics and images featured on them. “My Life is Worth Nothing” [13] [es], where she sings “my life is worth nothing if you aren´t with me, my love. Even if they take my life, I´ll be in heaven with you forever”, or “Beer, beer” [14] [es] where she croons in her high pitched voice about how she wants the barman to bring her more beer.

Some users have already used her videos as mashups. One of them is ElCuboSpot productions [15]:

Si han escuchado la voz de Wendy Sulca y se han indignado tanto como yo al oir cosa tan mas fea… entonces deben ver este video que deja ver un poco los deseos de los que nos hemos quedado sorprendidos con los videos de esta niña Puruana que esta en manos de producciones Danny.
En este video (que a mi punto de vista denigra el folklor peruano)… presenta nadamas y nada menos que al buen hombre de George Bush que saca sus mas bajos instintos provocados por la aguda voz de esta niña “de tan solo 8 años de edaaad” jajaja

If you have listened to Wendy Sulca´s voice and you´ve been offended as much as I have by listening to such an ugly thing… then you should watch this video that lightly shows the desires of those of us who have been surprised with the videos of this Peruvian girl who´s in the hands of Danny productions. In this video (which from my perspective denigrates Peruvian folklore)… presents no less than the good man George Bush who brings out his most basic instincts provoked by the high pitched squeal of this girl who is “only 8 yeaaaars oooold” hehehe

The following video shows El Cubo´s George Bush Vs. Wendy Sulca [15]:
Other tributes are quickly popping up, like this one, [16] and this one as well. [17]