9 January 2008

Stories from 9 January 2008

Japan: Kizasi

  9 January 2008

Serkantoto at Asiajin introduces readers to the Japanese blog search engine and analyzer Kizasi.

Slovenia, U.S.: First Ladies

  9 January 2008

Sleeping With Pengovksy writes about the Slovenian First Lady's admiration for her U.S. counterpart (whom she misnames, however): “Barbs, the Slovene first lady, further went to say that she likes Barbarba (well, Laura) Bush for the strength of her character and the fact that she cured Dubya of alcocholism. Double...

Russia: Police Arrests Members of “Nashi”

  9 January 2008

Vilhelm Konnander writes about a crackdown on a rally by the pro-Putin youth movement Nashi: “That police actually intervened against Nashi demonstrators seems an exception to the rule of giving the movement great leeway in their public appearances and propaganda.”

Iran:”Holy Ahmadinejad”

Kamangir writes,according to an Iran based news site,Aftab, “a few days ago,a large group of MPs were lined up in order to greet Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in parliament. Some of the MPs who had not seen him since his return[Hajii pilgrimage] would touch his cloths [because they considered them blessed].One...

Pakistan: Bhutto's Heir

  9 January 2008

Benazir Bhutto's son – Bilawal, 19 years old and studying at Oxford has found himself in the media's glare. The Pakistani Spectator on Bilawal being hounded by the media.

Morocco: Casablanca Going the Wrong Way

“Every time I visit Casablanca, which is once a year or two , I realize that the city is going down on many levels. While cities in many parts of the world become greener, more organized, and safer despite their growth, Casablanca seems to be going the other direction,” writes...