7 January 2008

Stories from 7 January 2008

Japan: Changing New Year Celebrations

  7 January 2008

New Year's Day is the most important holiday for many people in Japan, where anything "first of the year" bears a special value: first day of the year, first sunrise, first dream, first sales...

Russia: Nikolai Marr

  7 January 2008

De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis shares an extraordinary story of the life and work of Nikolay Yakovlevich Marr: “He became a great polyglot and could have become a great linguist, had it not been for the passion and obsession with his own unsubstantiated theories. He never even completed a single...

Czech Republic: TV Hackers Face Trial

  7 January 2008

The Czech Daily Word reports: “Last winter an art group from Prague hacked the broadcast of the public service television during which people can watch the snow reports from ski resorts by playing a footage of a fake nuclear blast. Now they face prosecution and they might spend three years...

Iran:Islamic Revolutionay Guards and Hillary Clinton

Haji Washingtonwrites [Fa] if US military's claim that American ships ‘threatened’ by Iranian Revolutionary Guards without any reason,is true,then Revolutionary Guards want Clinton wins against Obama. The blogger says when Clinton voted in the senate for the recognition of the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, Obama criticized her for...

Morocco: The Freedom to Blog

Morocco is often touted as one of the freest of the world's majority-Muslim countries. Women enjoy nearly equal rights to men, the press is comparatively liberal, few websites are banned, and now, bloggers are free to write about what the press cannot, according to a recent article published by AFP.

Iraq: US Major/Blogger Killed in Diyala

Major Andrew Olmsted, who had blogged here since May 2007, was killed in Iraq on Thursday, January 3. No official details have been released on his death, but reports say that he and a second member of his unit were killed during an enemy ambush in Diyala province, northeast of...

Puerto Rico: Epiphany Day

  7 January 2008

The celebration of Epiphany Day causes Liza Sabater to have an epiphany of her own: “The blogosphere needs more of the cowbell that is Puerto Rico.”

Georgia: Game Over

  7 January 2008

Asking Tough Questions in Tough Places analyzes the outcome of Saturday's presidential election in Georgia. Although the former head of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Azerbaijan says it looks as though Saakashvili did win “legitimately” on election day itself, there is enough reason for the West to demand that...

East Timor: Miserable shelters

  7 January 2008

Fábrica de Blogs [pt] comments on the havoc caused by the rains and the situation of those who have lost their homes in East Timor. “Is there any plausible explanation for us to understand the reasons for the abandonment that those left in miserable shelters are going through?”. See a...

Brazil: The US politics game

  7 January 2008

“If you lived in the US, which would be your position on the Iraq war, gay marriage, health care, tax policy? Play this fascinating little game and discover – and tell me after – which  is your candidate for president of the United States”, tips Idelber [pt], back from holidays.