3 January 2008

Stories from 3 January 2008

Abu Aardvark: Control of Bloggers ‘Predictable’

Abu Aardvark discusses campaigns to free jailed Arab bloggers in this post. “What's happening to Arab bloggers was entirely predictable: their increasing visibility and political influence (at home and abroad) drew the attention of security services, which began to push back and try to regain control,” he writes.

Egyptian judiciary grants electronic publications rights

Blogger Wael Abbas writes about the Egyptian court's decision to grant online publications – including blogs – the same freedom as print media. Wael reposted the text of the ruling, the final paragraph of which says (Ar): إذ أن حجب موقع بالصحافة الاليكترونية هو من ذات جنس حظر صحيفة مكتوبة...

Brazil: Facebook in a nice fix

  3 January 2008

“For the second time in just over two months, Facebook is caught in a situation that is, essentially, impossible to control”. Ronaldo Ferraz [pt] tells us the latest piece of [bad] news from the popular social network: the ban on Robert Scoble's account.

The Musee Guimet affair: Part Deux

  3 January 2008

Last week we reported about the bloggers reactions on the controversies surrounding the exhibition of the masterpieces of Ganges in Musée Guimet of France from the collections of the Bangladesh museums. The apprehensions of the art lovers who were protesting the unclear processes of sending the artifacts including their fear...

Sri Lanka: Bomb Blast

  3 January 2008

The New Year in Sri Lanka has a violent start. Chaar Max and Ephemeral Ruminations have more on the blast in Slave Island.

Turkey: Armenian History

  3 January 2008

Blogian comments on news that a new ballet based on an old Armenian tale of love and tragedy will be written and performed in Turkey. However, the Armenian blogger says that while he supports Armenian-Turkish reconciliation, he is concerned by what appears to be a major historical inaccuracy written in...

Nigeria: Nigeria's four “tribes”

  3 January 2008

Oro discusses Nigeria's four “tribes”: “I am a Nigerian. Please don’t look at my name and try to peg me to a tribe otherwise I will be glad tell you the stories of other people I have met in the last three decades of my existence — people who can...