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Hong Kong: Top News in 2007 Blogosphere

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As the year end is approaching, local blogger sidekick [1] has her picks of “Top News in Hong Kong 2007 Blogosphere”. She also calls for more comments and suggestions for the year end round up. Below is a translation of her selection:

《Why we blog》-香港第一本有關blog的結集 (Jan 2007)

香港新浪網、Why 出版合作出版的《Why we blog [2]》,內有數篇blog的探討文章、blog教學及工具介紹、中港台blog大事表、38篇精選文章、62個網誌簡介、6位blogger訪問,是香港第一本有關blog的結集。

“Why we blog” – the first collection about blogging in Hong Kong (Jan 2007)

Hong Kong Sina.com and Why Press jointly published “Why we blog [2]“. The book has several articles on the nature of blog and blog as education tools. There is also a table on major events in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China blogospheres, together with 38 featured articles, 62 introductions of blogs and 6 blogger interviews. The book is the first collection about blogging in Hong Kong.

部落偉哥 (Jan 2007)

《Why we blog》一書推出後,引發了blogger們對香港blog現況的爭論。

有資深的「公海」blogger發表文章,他們認為由商業機構設立的 BSP(Blog Service Provider),在營運、宣傳、及社群經營的手法上,會影響了會員的Blogging習慣;例如會令會員為了迎合自己身處的社群而多寫易受歡迎的軟性文章、加倍努力的在自己及別人的blog留言,而留言亦多為附和、問好、聊天等,於是,就漸漸的失去自我。

由於這幾篇文,都或多或少的提到《Why We Blog》這本書,而遣詞用字亦頗為強硬,實在很易令mysinablogger對號入座而覺得不快,因而有這「一本書引發的爭論」。

Blog you: Why We Blog? [3]

Tribal Viagra (Jan 2007)

The publication of “Why we blog,” has triggered some debates on blog culture in Hong Kong.
Some experienced bloggers argued that commercially ran BSP (Blog Service Provider), because of their strategies in management and promotion, would affect the habit of bloggers. For example, member bloggers may try to fit in the community by writing popular posts on soft issues, or may leave more friendly or greeting kind of comments on others’ blogs. Eventually, the bloggers may lose their own characters.

As the discussion is around the book “Why We Blog” and some of the wordings were rather tough, some mysinabloggers became defensive in the debate.

Extended reading: Blog-you.com: Why we blog? [3]

Blogger 見證回歸十年 (April 2007)

4月6日,明報港聞版的《回歸十年蛻變》專輯,標題是“我Blog故我在 [4]”。
此專輯訪問了幾位香港blogger;包括moliuOLOGY [5]的Hang、香港仔公國的公園仔 [6]王維基的網誌 [7]香港獨立媒體 [8]的朱凱迪,與及Sidekick。(更多資料 [9]
同年6月,blog you 亦舉辦了《回歸十年,驀然回首 [10]》串聯活動。

Bloggers witnessed the 10 years anniversary of reunification(April 2007)

April 6, local newspapers Ming Pao has organized a series of features called “Metamorphosis after the 10 years of reunification”. One of the topics is “I Blog, therefore I am. [4]

The news feature has interviewed a numbers of local bloggers, including Hang from moliuOLOGY [5], Parkson from Duke of Aberdeen [6], Ricky Wong [7], Chu Hoidick from inmediahk.net [8] and Sidekick. (More information [9]) 

In June, blog-you.com also organized a bloggers joint series on “Looking back at the 10 Years Return [10]“.

萬人重考「檸檬茶」 (May 2007)

短短不足一星期,本地網民已經取得共識,萬人集作「檸檬茶」。各大網絡社群如 Xanga、Yahoo!、Sina、高登以至獨立博客群體,不論界別背景,紛紛扮演可憐的應屆會考生角色,簡簡單單以「檸檬茶」為題撰文寫作,甚至標示上所用時間和篇幅字數,各自(重考)表述,互相評論。(來源:speechlessness.com [11]

延伸閱讀:五師兄字:人人檸檬茶(204篇) [12]

Million people retaking the “lemon tea” examination (May 2007)

In less that a week, local netizens and bloggers reached a consensus on jointly retaking the examination on the composition of “Lemon Tea”. Major internet communities, such as Xanga, Yahoo!, Sina, Golden forum and independent bloggers, regardless of their background, played the role of the the poor HKCEE candidates, and took the composition examination under the topic “Lemon Tea”. Some of them had marked their time, number of words and made mutual comments according to the examination requirement. (Source: speechlessness.com [11])

Extended reading: Ngshihin: Everyone has lemon tea (204 articles) [12]

福佳始終有你 (June 2007)

為了慶祝回歸十年,官方製作一主題曲「始終有你」在不同場合及平台播放,不過有民間團體 [13]將歌曲改頭換面,泡製了多個不同的民間版本。其中一個「褔佳」六四版本,點擊率超過60萬,在youtube網站大熱。另外更有加入七一遊行元素的版本,實行諷刺一番。(來源:傳媒春秋:2007傳媒大事回顧 [14]

Folk guy's always with you (June 2007)

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of reunification in Hong Kong, the government composed a theme song “Always with you”. However, a number of civic groups [13] had changed the lyrics of the song into various folk versions. One of them is the June 4 edition of “Folk guy's always with you”. The song’ video got more than 600,000 hits in youtube. There is also another folk version with more image clips on July 1st Rally. (Source: Media Watch: media event of 2007 [14])

回歸十年的八九六四 (June 2007)

回歸十年,亦是「六四」十八週年,blogger 們並沒有忘記!
del.icio.us 的tag: 8964 [15],收錄了近400篇有關8964的文章!

8964 (June 2007)

2007 is the anniversary of 10 years Return, but local bloggers haven’t forgotten that the year also marks the 18 year anniversary of June 4 incident in 1989. There are more than 400 articles tagged with 8964 in delicious [15].

Free Oiwan Lam (July 2007)

香港中大學生報新增了情色版,引起一番討論 [16],在此同時,一位網民因為「在文章中擺放色情網站連結(hyperlink)」被香港政府依觸犯《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》,而罰款 HK$5,000。為了抗議這種「放成人超連結竟然有罪」的法律,Oiwan 在香港獨立媒體網的一篇文章中 [17](內容已移至這邊 [18]),放上了一張從 Flickr 上找來的裸體藝術照片 [19]。然後….就被控告了。這其間香港政府影視處和Oiwan (文中的藹雲)的對話,以及她挑選這張圖片的原因和界限,可以在《違反日常經驗的官僚/道德審裁 [20]》這一篇中一探究竟。(來源:終極邊疆:Free Oiwan: 這是自由的香港嗎? [21]))

Free Oiwan Lam (July 2007)

The erotic page in the student magazine of the Student Press of the Chinese University of Hong Kong had generated much discussion [16]. At the same time, a netizen was prosecuted by the Hong Kong government under the “Obscene Article Ordinance” and was fined HKD5000 because he had posted hyperlinks of a pornography website in a forum. In order to protest against the prosecution based on hyperlink, Oiwan Lam posted an article [17] at imediahk.net (the article has been moved here [18]), with an artistic nude picture [19] linking to Flickr. Then… the article was sued (Editor note: The article was classified as indecent and subject to further prosecution.) Her dialogue between the staff of Television and Entertainment Authority and Oiwan, and the explanation of the picks for this photo can be found in this article: Bureaucracy’s moral judgment against daily experience [20]. (Source: the ultimate frontier: Free Oiwan: Is Hong Kong Still Free? [21])

周瑮事件 (July 2007)

2007年7月17日,周瑮在明報副刊發表題為「Just Do It」的文章,字裡行間諷刺色情影片上載者nike,並將nike上載分享AV的行為扯上青少年風化案泛濫的社會情況。其後文章於本地各論壇內廣泛流傳,並引發極大的迴響。

其後有人查出周氏私人網誌的位址,遂儲存及轉載內裡的相關照片,更群起於周氏網誌內留言討伐,猛烈斥責她對nike 所下的妄論。(來源:香港網絡大典 [22]

Chau Li Incident (July 2007)

July 17, 2007, Chau Li wrote an article “Just Do It” in Ming Pao Daily’s column page. The article made mockery of a netizen called “Nike” who was an uploader of pornographic video. Chau drew co-relation between nike’s uploading of AV (adult video) to the recent moral crimes of youth in Hong Kong.

The article was re-posted in many internet forums and triggered huge controversy. Some netizen had tracked down Chau’s IP address, saved her photos and invaded her blog with very harsh comments against her prejudice on Nike. (Source: Hong Kong Internet Directory [22])

博客抄文出書取獎事件 (July 2007)

「頭條網」自行挑選站內博客的文章輯錄成「我們的博客城」一書,豈料其中一人的入圍文章是抄襲的(其blog內更有其他抄襲文章);事件揭發後,當事人的這句:「即使我copy & paste,都未必會照版煮碗,我都有我性格。我是經過思考過濾的。」實叫人嘆為觀止!

延伸閱讀:新春秋:頭條網女博客抄文取獎出書兼歪理連篇 [23]

Blog copycat won award (July 2007)

HKHeadline.com published a book, “Our blog city”, by selecting blog posts from its website. However, one of the selected post was a plagiarized writing (and several other posts in the blog were also plagiarized writings.) When the issue was exposed, the blogger still defended by saying that “even if I copy & paste, the product is not exactly the same, I have my own character, I have filtered others’ works.” The whole issue is very amazing!

Extended reading: Pandemonium : HKHeadline.com Female blogger steals article with absurd argument [23]

Blog 而優則書 (Aug 2007)

今年的香港書展,可謂是 blogger 當道的一年,各出版社紛紛為知名 blogger 出書;星屑醫生 [24]尹思哲 [25]葉一知 [26]渣估 [27]Tina Ko [28]的新書,有的是 Blook(即是 blog+book,將blog內容整合成書),有的是全新內容。(更多資料 [29]

From Blog to Blook (Aug 2007)

Bloggers were very visible in this year's Hong Kong Book Fair. Many publishers had published books for well known bloggers, such as The doctor is In [24], Wanszezit [25], Diumanpark [26], Charcoal [27] and Tina Ko [28]. Some are Blooks (that is, book+blog), some are new writings. (More information [29])

Blog You 考慮關站 (Dec 2007)

關閉的意思是限於它必須要人力資源去維持的部份,因為結束的主要原因是我已經沒有能力和時間去做一些推動Blog全面化發展的事和維持一些需要人手操作的事,例如聯播和網誌目錄。至於整個網站是否會以某種形式存在,我是持開放態度,也會考慮到一眾網友的意見。(來源: Blog You:談完結 [30]

Blog-you.com considers to close the website (Dec 2007)

The closing parts would be those sections that require human resources for maintenance. The main reason is because I no longer had the capacity and time to promote the development of blog and maintain operations such as joint blog cast and blog directory. As to whether the site will exist in some other forms, I am open to that and will listen to friendly netizens’ advice. (Source: Blog-you.com: About the end [30])

香港blogger 獲「2007全球華文部落格大獎」年度最佳教育應用部落格首獎 (Dec 2007)

英文由F字學起 [31]」得到了2007「全球華文部落格大獎 [32]」「年度最佳教育應用部落格」首獎!
「英文由F字學起」本來只是個由香港人寫給香港人看的網誌,題材圍繞香港的英文教育,而且教學短片都以廣東話解說。它竟能在全球八千個參賽的中文網誌中突圍而出,實在是我意想不到的。(來源:英文由F字學起 [33]

Hong Kong blogger won the award of “the best Education Blog” in the “2007 Global Chinese blog Award” (Dec 2007)

Learning English from the aphabet “F” [31] won the award of “the Best Educational blog” in the “2007 Global Chinese blog Award” [32].

Learning English from the alphabet “F” is a local blog written for Hong Kong people, it discusses about Hong Kong’s English education and all its video are in Cantonese. It is out of my expectation that it can win over 8,000 nominated Chinese blogs in this highly competitive global award. (Source: Learning English from the aphabet “F” [33] )