Kenya: A new President must be sworn in today

Kenyan Jurist points out that according to the Kenyan constitution a new president must be sworn in today: “My further thoughts after listening to the contestants; H E Mwai Kibaki's term expires today, a new President must under our Constitution be sworn in today.”


  • Dr. J.N. Nanua

    Kenya: Presidential term expires today.
    It is five years today since H.E. Mwai Kibaki was sworn in for a five year term. The winner should be announced today but every vote counts. Vanquished candidates must concede defeat and a new president sworn in immediately. No need for ceremonies

  • Kenyan Patriot

    Fellow Patriots:

    Kibaki and his Kinsmen the Kikuyu have ofiicially stolen our elections., with the help of a few traitors (Kivuitu, Amos Wako). Our people braved the poverty, braved the insecurity, braved the humiliation, braved the redicule, braved the cold, braved the police and went voted the conscience – change. Kibaki and his kinsmen have injured their conscience and disregarded their God given rights. We must now restore their faiths and rights. War must be waged NOW. You must stand up for your country and be counted as a brave warrior in the tradition of Koitalel, Nabongo Mumia, Luanda Magere, The Laibon, The Orkoiyot and defend our land. Freedom must be defended with blood, and the price can never be high enough. Kenyan patriots must give up their lives and comfort to take up arms to defend our beloved homeland.

    Violent partition of our country must be our choice. The revolution is on. We must reclaim and change our country. Violent disobedience is a moral weapon against the fight for justice everywhere. When a man takes away your freedom to choose he takes away your life and enslaves your people. We will not accept this proposition.

    The events of these past days have clearly shown us that unless we defend our Republic and defeat those who seek to harm us, steal our economic gains, take away our freedoms and erase our culture – we will not survive. The former President Kibaki must be stopped at all costs. He must be defeated and eliminated together with his tribesmen as they seek to enslave the other 41 tribes of our country. These noble objectives must be achieved, or else Kibaki and his kinsmen will be allowed to plunder the resources and wealth of our country. Failure must not be an option.

    Our country must have our democratic elected president – Raila Odinga. If violent partition is the answer, then we must follow that course, and sacrifice our lives for the redemption of our country and our people. Our citizens must take up arms and defeat the enemy within us. Make no mistake about it this is a war between Kenya and the Kikuyu. Defeat and elimination is the only solution, if they do not give in to the will of the people. If the Kikuyu do not relinquish power to the leader of the people, then Kenya must be violently fought for and partitioned.

    They cannot be allowed to steal the elections. They behave like it’s still the days of Gikuyu and Mumbi, with a primitive first lady who is slapping men in public and spreading shame to our countrymen. This is unacceptable. Never again must we be ruled by these conceited people. The few Kikuyu’s that are outraged and are patriots must stand up for the country and against this evil. The remaining 41 Kenyan tribes must violently resist, fight and defeat the Kikuyu. This is a just uprising my fellow patriots. We must be prepared to support our fellow country men. Our way of life in our villages, our hometowns and in our cities is at stake. Our independence was fought for by all of us and must be defended by all of us. The Kapenguria 6 suffered and represented our country, not one community. We must pray that God gives us the strength to wage this war and win it. Do your part and call, text message, send emails, write columns to support this worthy resistance. As the protesters die on the streets of our hometowns fighting for what is just, and what is right, do not let their deaths go in vain. This is truly the second liberation. Long live our people and God bless our countrymen.

    Please forward these words of bravery to all the patriots and our countrymen and I strongly urge you to be ready to defend our freedom and the homeland of our forefathers against this dangerous and foul enemy.

  • Hello Mr. Macha,
    My question is slightly off topic and concerns how post-election violence in Kenya is being reported in major Western media. Is “tribal violence” an accurate description of what’s going on in Kenya? I ask because even though headlines blare “tribal violence” the articles are thin on evidence of such. Thanks.

  • Abdul, S. Mohammed

    I am concerned about the patriot calling for war. My brother, war is never a solution. You may have voted in Raila but others voted, Kibaki, Kalonzo, Muiru etc. It is not accurate to say that Raila was chosen by the majority. All Luos might have chosen him but Kibaki was the winner, albeit marginally. Kenya belongs to all of us and not Luos or Kikuyus. If their is an election dispute, go to court. If you start a fight, you fight it alone and die alone and do not decieve yourself that it if for Kenyans. Let me encourage you to use your energies for good and not for evil.
    We Kenyans are behind our President, The H.E. Mwai Kibaki.

  • Abdul, S. Mohammed

    Hi Kenyans, I have just learnt that Raila is calling for a Million man march. It seems that he will stop at nothing to get power through the back door. He, in his blind ambition does not even care that many Kenyans have died in the mayhem that his myopic statements have caused in Kisumu and Kibera mostly. Does he even care for his fellow Luos?
    No one should go to Uhuru park and if Raila is trully a man, let him lead the demonstration accompanied by his wife Idah. She is a brave lady… she used to scale the fence at Kenya High School at night to meet Ajuma. Fortunately the headmistrss never caught her!

  • Mutua Muttisya

    Blind supporters of Kibaki,

    Were Raila’s 4 million votes only for Luo tribe?
    I think Luos are less than 700,000 people; this leaves me doubting that most of you are fueling the ongoing killings around kenya.Second, do you want to tell the world that the recent church killings was carried out by the Luo tribe alone?
    I don’t think so. People who did that were supporters of Raila across the country. if the election was fair and free as many of you seemed to claim, then why did European observers question the result?

  • man of a man.

    this goes to that what a loser it well shows what kind of a person u are a tribalist,murderer, thief, why dont you play for your country to have peace rather than spread your evil thoughts to the peace loving kenyans where were you when moi was in power for all those years. you were hidening cowardly. shut you mouth and go back to your shell. those men and women are misled by the opposition, i hope raila will remember they when he becomes the president the question is what does he do for them now? send them to be killed and to kill what a ruler…..

  • Abdul, S. Mohammed

    I am appalled by the beliscosity of Raila. He thinks he is speaking for Kenyans but he is not. He is not even speaking for the Luos. Who does not know that he cheated the Luos and acquired the Kisumu Mollasses plant fraudulently for himself? That was the price for joining the Kanu goverment and killing the NDP.
    The fellow is hell-bent to become president of Kenya by hook or crook. In 1982, he was involved in an attempted coup against the Kenya goverment of H.E. Daniel arap Moi, then he tried taking over KANU, but Moi saw through his smokescreen and supported Uhuru instesd. He tried taking power through the constitution review by creating a non-elective position of executive prime minister but failed. This time he has tried the ballot but was defeated by H.E Mai Kibaki but instead of accepting defeat, he acted by unleashing mayhem on those whom he percieves to have voted for Kibaki.
    He does not care if Luos are killed in the process and I wonder what kind of leader he could become. One who unleashes terror is a terrorist. He knows that he has no credible facts and hence cannot go to court.
    He is emboldered because he recieved massive funding from USA and South Africa. I am disgusted by such a cowardly leader, who is not concerned about the suffering of Kenyans, including those who faithfully voted for him. He is a dictatorial communist at heart and he is only looking for opportunity to commit attrocities on kenyans. DO NOT BELIEVE HIS RHETORIC!

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