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China: Official Olympics channel's unveiling ceremony crashed

Global Voices Olympics Cucqueans can now be added to the list of groups of people who have disrupted affairs within Chinese state television with their grievances. But what does it say when those doing the disrupting are themselves high-profile Chinese state television personalities?

Friday was meant to be a big day for China's main sports channel CCTV-5, with a lavish ceremony attended by top station executives held to celebrate its official change of name to The Olympics Channel. It got a bit bigger when a visibly upset Hu Ziwei, the wife of top CCTV-5 announcer and sports news dept. head Zhang Bin—about to introduce Olympic ping pong player Wang Nan—suddenly appeared on stage and grabbed the microphone, accusing Zhang of having had an affair, as well as of smearing the name of both China and next year's summer Olympics. Hu herself is a host of an Olympics-themed program at BeijingTV.

Someone present inevitably got out their cellphone, and six hours after the video was uploaded to video sharing website Tudou, over 20 pages of comments had poured in. Sina was quick to delete the clip, but a copy has been placed on YouTube. The Tudou user has provided a caption of what Hu said:



As the clip starts, Hu has taken the mike and is speaking. Zhang can be seen hovering, wanting to stop her but not daring to.

Hu: ….but there came a day, when I wasn't just a television announcer, but the (sob) wife of the man standing next to me, Mr. Zhang Bin. I just want to take…… (cut off) one minute of everyone's time! I'll just take one minute of your time! Let go. (she grabs the podium)

Hu: Today is a special day for The Olympic Channel, and it's a special day for Mr. Zhang Bin, and for me, it's a special day too. Because just two hours ago, I found out that besides me, Mr. Zhang Bin has been maintaining an improper relationship with another woman [the vlogger cuts in: the relationship with you is improper too?]

Hu: Next year is an Olympics year, and all people all over the world will be watching China. But, but it was a French foreign diplomat who said: If the Chinese people's values don't….(someone off-screen says: please don't take any pictures)…then what significance will any of it been? What will have been the point? (Many people now try to drag her off) Is that how you treat a weak woman?

Hu: (Still struggling) I just want to say one last thing—can we please keep our demeanor here?—that French foreign diplomat also said: until China is able to start exporting its values, it won't be able to become a great power. For us to be faced with such prim and proper……yet Zhang Bin can't even be brought to face his own……at a time when he won't even face his hurt wife. I think China, as a……to succeed as a great power……don't any of you have any conscience at all?! You let me go! We're so far from being a great country.

Hu: Today might be the last Sunday. Tomorrow everyone will go on a nice, long……vacation. But there's no way Zhang Bin and I will.

Off-screen: Is this necessary?

Hu: I'm very sorry, I'm…..too. But I know……(unclear).

Zhang Bin: Sorry, everyone.

With the number of journalists present at the time, photos have been floating around. Someone has put several of them together at the HoopChina BBS, where 11 pages of comments have already come in:

Gossip over the personal relationships of prominent Chinese television announcers has always been a hot topic [zh] on the Chinese blogsphere, and this has been no exception; mentioned in several places is speculation that Zhang had divorced his previous wife to be with Hu, who some are alleging was quite active in pursuing a relationship with him at that time, that she attacked Zhang's ex-wife at one point, and there's even speculation on who his newest lover is. Neither Hu nor Zhang have mentioned this on their blogs. Zhang, in fact, hasn't updated his since it opened in March this year. Zhang's new blog.

On a thread at the PCHome BBS, readers write:

国外的话 不是要直接电击放倒了了么~~~~~~

If this had happened overseas, wouldn't they've just straight up tazed her….?


Those CCTV people..
Luo Yonghao was right about all of them; it's not a problem of ability, it's a problem with the politics.
If the people above think you've got the right politics, then you can move up.


These people are all the same, using public resources to take care of their private matters.


Now she knows what pain is. There was a woman crying the same tears a few years ago that she did today, only now it's her turn.

Anonymous readers at a Movivi post have written:


This woman wouldn't have been up there or have done what she did if she hadn't been forced. She just wants respect too.


This news press conference should be called the “Zhang Bin's latest affair press release”, and not “CCTV-5 changes name to The Olympic Channel”. Aye, a husband and wife's affairs have become of international significance, and that's not east. Though, I'm afraid it's going to be pretty tough for Zhang Bin and Hu Ziewei from now on.

Sae at Douban writes:


【I nominate Hu Ziwei for 2007's Most Moving Person of the Year】

Then by ‘Dreams Come True':


“I think China, as a……to succeed as a great power……don't any of you have any conscience at all?! You let me go! We're so far from being a great country.”
The people “up there” had their lungs blast out when they heard this line.
They've spent so much money, on the Olympics, on the “China Rises” television series, and they made this woman, a renowned television announcer in the capital, to say something so direct, and in a CCTV venue especially on the Olympics.

Comments on the Tudou clip are more toothed:

死胖子 这回没前途了

That fat bastard, he's not going anywhere after this.


She knew that the fatty divorced his ex-wife for her, so she should have known that this day was coming.


This is gonna get ‘harmonized’ any minute

And coming now in English on YouTube:

She said in the beginning that she didn't do it as a TV presenter. Even if she did, what's wrong with that? There is nothing in this world totally professional. We are humans with feelings, not robots. It requires a lot of courage for a woman to stand in front of a press conference of a national TV and speak out like that. I would cheer for her. And honestly, she did it very good!

I support this lady and I think that's only way people would pay attention to the stupid Zhang Bin's immoral behiviour and cctv's covering truth action. Zhang Bin is an animal and fucking idiot! Get off the sport channel and we don't want to see you on TV, any TVs!

Later in the evening, Zhang put a less-than-convincing and short statement onto the internet, blaming what happened on the pressure Hu faces at work:


  • Lisa

    just want to add one point to the background of this insident.This July,Beijing TV station picked up a news about steamed buns (baozi) made with cardboard instead of pork but later on Beijing TV issued a retraction and apology saying the report had apparently been staged.Meanwhile Beijing TV dismissed the staff of the Beijing Story Programme including Hu Ziwei who was the emcee and producer of that Programme.

    I think that’s why Hu was out of control yesterday and mentioned “China”,”China society values”and”the world is watching China”such serious words rather than blaming her husband’s morality.


    Your translation is interesting, thank you.

    to Lisa:
    the ‘Baozi’ event happened several months ago. I guess there is no clear relation with this event. But I admit the ‘baozi’ event is one knows what is real.
    As a chinese, I am very curious to hear foreigner’s comment

  • @Ruby, I’m still ‘bao’-boozled, it’s like I can’t remember if they were proven to be fake or to be true. “No one knows what is real.” Well put.

    She is still working at BeijingTV though, right? I can totally see how something like that would throw your life out of orbit: “what is real. What is fake?” Sometime in 2008 they’ll start selling fake Prozac here.
    Thanks for pointing that out, watching Zhang’s post-incident video makes more sense now knowing that, only—they deleted it.

  • CCTV Olympic fiasco…

    An Olympic marital dispute It’s not only