Kenya: Kenya elections in photos

Afromusing posts photos from the Rift Valley of Kenya elections: “Here are some shots i took yesterday at a few polling stations around Eldoret.It was so hot, but people braved the heat and queued in order to vote. By and large it went smoothly in some stations, though in the hospital ward, it was quite inefficient with lines snaking around the corner.”


  • James


    Its sad that in this time and age a sitting president can use state machinery to deny us our democratic right to vote in our preferred leader and then world leaders tell as to accept flawed results because it favors them politically. Thats totally unacceptable and should be resisted by all democratic people, if our country degenerates to chaos so be it, but we will not accept rigged elections.

  • matoke

    we finally have a thief for a president but it will soon catch up with him

  • James

    The era of stealing votes will only come to a stop when the people stand up against riggers. Lets not cheat ourselves that the people in power will one day just wake up and say “oh i lost the elections thus the only honorable thing to do is hand over power” that will never happen thus the only way to let them know that were not pleased is to riots especially when TV stations have been ordered not to air opposition news. People lets not cheat each other maybe next time i will not be able to sent this mail the internet might be disconnected.

  • James Omondi

    It is sad that some can not accept defeat. When Raila lead in the counting we celebrated. When Kibaki lead, we claim the votes were rigged. Does it mean the only time that the election could have been fair is only if Raila won? Come on people let use our heads. Today it is Kibaki, tomorrow it may be Raila or better still, it might be you. The difference in votes is very plausible and quite frankly, I am willing to accept that Kibaki won the election even though the margin is very small. This is what we expected and even if Raila had won, it would not have been by much either. We must condemn and reject the chaos and anarchy we are witnessing. Kenya is not only for us but also for future generations. If we can not accept defeat, we shall never win. I disagree with the militants, holigans and rooters. We can do better and we should do better. Not all Luos agree with what is going on. For the silent majority, we say enough is enough. let us move on.

  • James

    People are never good at maths but some things do stand out from the last elections, how come in certain areas the number of presidential votes far outstrip the no of parliamentary votes by up to twenty thousand. It beats logic as to why more people voted for the president than the MP
    Even the EU monitors wondered how come the results announced in molo varied from the ones announced at KICC.
    People lets not accept to be duped into accepting results for the sake of accepting results so that there is peace, have we forgotten about the racial discriminations in the USA, apartied in south africa, mau mau in kenya, the struggles for freedom and democracy doesnt come easy you have to fight for it.
    What am saying is that as a country we MUST put in place institutions that make sure that what the people have decided should not be undone just because everyone tells us to shun violence, if violence will ensure that such things dont happen again.
    If the politicians think they can frighten us by the reat of violence remember that they also dont want the violence for it disrupts their business which they so much love.
    People lets go to the streets and make a statement.

  • timo

    You dont have to be a political genius to see the obvious rigging that took place. As much as they could not be absolute indicators, the following points should open your eyes.

    1) Opinion polls for 15 months before election have always shown Raila is leading.
    2) The overwhelming voting out of Government ministers and MPs allied to the government.Nothing can be more indictive.
    3) Election of about about 50% of MPs on the ODM ticket.
    4) The deliberate delay (about 3 days) of vote counts from the Preseident stronghold constituencies despite their proximity to the ECK center. (No election disputes were reported that could possible have caused the delays)
    5) Major discrepancies presented by ODM with documentary evidence on Tallies at the ECK and the respective different constituencies.
    6) Ratification of such claims by the credible EU observers as well local observers (Kedof).
    7) Ratification of such claims by MPs in affected constituencies (even some affiliated to Kibaki’s party e.g Juja MP, Mr Kabogo)
    8) The recent breaking of ranks by 4 of the ECK commissioners claiming a possibility of their collegues altering the presidential votes.
    9) The brave claim by one of the ECK officials that he witnessed gross manipulation of the figures at the ECK centers.
    10) The lack of FORM 16A (document validating figures from returning officers at the constituencies) for 48 constituencies (majority of which are among the disputed ones) to support the presidential vote tally presented to teh ECK.
    11) The quick and quiet swearing in ceremony that was held at state house a few minues after the results were announced.It felt like a sleek robbery.
    12) Lastly but most importantly, the overwhelming sense of feeling robbed and cheated by the majority of kenyans who had hoped their voters card was a strong enough weapon to effect change in the leadership

  • timo

    Shops and supermarkets are closed. No supply of basic grocerries. NO milk, no bread no vegitable. Food stock is running out at home. Its crazy.
    We cant leave the house coz the violence right our side my house is just like a village warriors action movie.
    We cannot get cell phone airtime. Communication is almost out. The media is being gagged. Information of events in other areas or of our loved ones is getting scarce.
    Things are going from bad to worse.

    God help us.

  • please I ask the ordinary populaion of kenya to leave country politicians a lone instead of losting life let us leave to the court of justice to review it.

    thank alot the concern sudanese from Australia and resident in the country for 12 years.from 1992 to 2004.

  • sunny

    As much as we have gone thru in kenya since independece, you would think that our leaders would have learnt something from our history. instead we have power hungry leaders that claim to be patriotic and industrialists creating war… now mr. kibaki are you really a patriot when you can for ur own selfish needs take a whole country like kenya and let it go to the dogs????? kenya was the role model for the east african community and now its the toilet of EAC….what were you thinking. i strongly condem these actions you have taken during these elections and hope that all kenyan hold hands and fight for their rights….

    thank you.

    G O D B L E S S K E N Y A

  • romano

    how would kibaki lead people who hate him with a passion for rigging elections?i would urge the world leaders to treat kibaki as they treat mugabe of zimbabwe.kibaki clearly rigged and we kenyans cry for anticipating another 5 years of ethnic favourism in government job allocations and poverty.we cant really afford life with prices going up for government to collect and steal our taxes to fund wonder kenyans are bitterly fighting.

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