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Kenya 2007 election update from Kenya Imagine: “I have a racking headache this morning. Yesterday was a tough, nay, gruelling day. Yeah, and so much so. It was Election Day; the most competitive, much anticipated issue-based election since independence. I was among the last people at the polling station having stood in the hot sun for almost half a day.”


  • Mwenja

    May you please tell me the point we ave reached as at now bcoz am stranded.

  • It is evident that Kibaki has lost. Kenyans have rejected his government – starting with his vice president Moody Awory and 20 ministers. Statistics show that Kibaki enjoys support from only two regions; not enough to make him president. Having rejected all those behind Kibaki, incuding Moi’s three sons, Kenyans would in no way reinstate Kibaki!

    Above all, even if the ECK announced Kibaki as winner, it would be hard for him to govern without support of parliament. The majority of elected MPs belong to ODM and they would definitely impeach him in a matter of few weeks!

    As a gentleman, Kibaki should concede defeat and hand over power. That move will win him enormous fame and he will retire a happier man.

    Currently, though, Kenyans have elected their 4th president. Woud they be ready to have twp presidents at a time? That is where chaos starts. But Kibaki is the only person to avert it – by cobceding defeat and calming the country.

  • Gatwec Marial

    Mwai Kibaki should know that unity of Kenya is greater than corrupt leadership, and every tribe in Kenya will lead. He was defeated by the ballots of kenyan votes. he should foresee the future of the country he lead for five years.

  • wairimu

    What do you think now that he is sweared in..

  • Njoroge wa' Mathari

    Well, Kibaki has now been declared victor. Which reminds me of what I read in “Ashes of faith: a doomsday cult’s orchestration of mass murder in Africa”: “… is yet a sad reminder of that unique propensity of African leaders to sacrifice the hopes and aspirations of their people by blindly and selfishly pursuing short-term policies of personal enrichment.” Although in reference to Museveni’s Congo invasion it is quite relevant to what has happened in Kenya during these elections.

  • kingi

    It is indeed very dark in Kenya. Right now there are riots in many parts of the country and the government has prohibited all live coverage of events. Only God can help us now.

    Everything is paralysed. My baby is ill and I cannot dare step out of the house in nairobi.

    The news conference by Raila after the results has not been relayed yet. Kibaki would have saved this country a lot of pain and expense through a fair and free election process.

    He is now ruling against the will of the people.

  • mbira

    This was a race between two horses as Raila said it;
    but he didn’t have the finishing power at the end so
    he runout of gas(petro) Kibaki had saved enouph to make
    to the finishing line………game plan….kazi iendelee

  • Gaby

    I for one believe the only way forward for all at this point is for Kibaki to yield. This would at least allow him and his tribesmen a five year hiatus to come back into the Kenyan fold. Despite the process of the election and its mishandling from both sides we as Kenyans cannot ignore the fact that the votes sent a strong message to one particular community (which now the whole world is intent on reporting) and many arguments can be made as to why that happened during the whole campaign period. The fact still remains the opposition would not have been able to tap into those frustrations and bring out this particular observation unless it was something most Kenyans were feeling. Sadly Kibaki has only added fuel to that particular fire.

  • Im

    It’s very sad that conflict between politicians brings unrest to the whole Country, people living side by side as friends and neighbors have turned against each other.
    Maybe one day the people in this Country can unite as Kenyan and not as tribe, race or colour. I guess that’s my thinking peaceful future.
    Happy New Year to you all
    God Bless

  • Kasirikale

    The election heat and politicking are over,but bruises and wounds of these activities are still flesh in the eyes and minds of many Kenyans.Its now incumbent upon the president elect,Mzee kibaki to embark on working for and building a united Kenya as one nation.

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