Pakistan: Bhutto's Death and Impending Elections

Still reeling with the shock, The Emergency Times, which has kept a very close eye on the unfolding political situation in Pakistan, writes

At this tragic moment in the history of Pakistan, we at the Emergency Times are shocked beyond words at this intolerable and brutal act of the murder, along with others, of possibly the most popular leader of our country. No words can adequately condemn this barbaric act, which can only lead to more death and destruction for this tortured land. Her death will leave a gaping chasm in our country's leadership. One can only hope, beyond hope, that the perpetrators are brought to justice.
May God help us all.

Pickled Politics links to the news and a commenter writes “Assassination of leading political figures is a very bad sign for a society, for it shows a clear and direct lack of trust and respect for the institutions of the state and society. One can only hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

Some other perspectives have also emerged, looking at Bhutto both as a possible leader and a mover in international politics. Counter Terrorism Blog says

She was someone who the U.S. could actually work with to seek a way forward for Pakistan in light of the profound challenges posed by religious intolerance and political extremism, the drug trade, governmental institutions that do not provide essential services in many areas of the country, and Pakistan's troubled relationships with of its immediate neighbors — Afghanistan, India, and Iran.

Her faults were also profound, as the well-documented grand corruption cases brought against her and her husband attest. She did indeed treat her country like it was a family-owned business, with corrosive results. These includied her removal from power in 1990 and again in 1996 as the corruption both weakened her politically and played a significant role in her inability to deliver the reforms needed to make Pakistan's government responsive to the needs of its people

The Moderate Voice has a bio on Benazir Bhutto, including information on her father who was also the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and was sentenced to death in the 70s for charges similar to the ones Benazir faced much later.

From across the border, Indian Muslims comment on the assassination, and debate various conspiracy theories.

The hands of Nawaz Sharif cannot be completely ignored as he too had his reason for her removal: He now is the only national level leader who has experience as a Prime Minister. He is now sure to take over as PM of Pakistan. The chances of this conspiracy are rare but you never know with these opportunistic and individualistic politicians.

Meanwhile, Sepia Mutiny‘s post on Bhutto's death already has over a hundred comments. One commenter says

One wonders if she truly felt she would be safe in Pakistan. Love of country and desire to contribute aside, is there some shred of a risk-taking thrill inherent in this endeavor she had embarked upon? Some level of martyrlike delusion, however deeply buried? Can any of us imagine being devoted enough to any political cause to risk our life so boldly? Was it worth it, Benazir?

Truly sad. Whither Pakistan?


  • Tariq Khan

    The President General Pervaiz Musharraf is a liar in his speech,could he explain who tried to KILL THE GREAT CHIEF JUSTICE OF SUPREME COURT CH.IFTIKHAR AND his team in Karachi and than in Islamabd(F-8),all is clear.Who overthrew the Chief Justice and his honourable team,same people would benefit from Great Benazir Bhutto’s death and by killing Nawaz Sharif,ReInstate CH.Justice Iftikhar and Supreme Court .
    Could anyone clear how attempt on Benazir bhutto and at the same time firing on Nawaz Sharif’s car near Rawat are corelated,it seems very clear who did it and why and who would benefit from Dividing the contry .Killing of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif would benefit only few people in the world and help them to create panic and chaos in Pakistan and break the country as it was done in 1971,who KILLED LIAQAT ALI KHAN ,the same powers are doing it again today,think rationally and wake up nation .The military has made a mockery of Pakistan and Pakistani people,they didn’t make Pakistan,Pakistan was made in the name of Islam and we should be proud of our identity,Pig General Musharraf,Chaudhry Brothers,Altaf Hussain,Ejaz Ul Haq,Maulana Diesel,Sheikh Rasheed are those people who get the benefit from Her Death .

  • Hi all,

    Very much as I did for the events in Lebanon last summer I thought it would be great to get people around the world and in particular in Pakistan to share their views about what is happening there after the assassination of Bhutto. Please spread the word about the pages below where anyone can contribute their opinions, ask questions or just let the world know how you feel. We will not edit any content at the site so everything is unedited. It is a free, unedited, unmediated forum for everyone to give their side of the story and to tell the rest of the world about events that matter. If you choose to contribute via cellphone (SMS, MMS and email) use the following numbers: +45-609-91-0280; +61-427-22-9537; (for images).

    Please help me spread the word as a sincerely believe the only way to move beyond this endless violence is to promote dialogue between citizens across the globe. The future is the unedited dialogue between the citizens of the world so let us start this dialogue now.

    Here is the event page for the tragic death of Benazir where you will find news stories, blogs, first hand accounts, videos and images about the assassination showing you all the angles of the event, please give us yours.

    A page with any content related to Benazir Bhutto including other parts she was part of. Let us know what your feelings are about her and her work.

    ( A more general presentation of allvoices is found here: )


    Erik Sundelof
    Email: (residential)

  • The death of Mrs Benazir Bhutto has shattered the hope of democracy in Asia.Her death will be even more damaging for the country.

  • Musharraf cannot be behind this assassination because he has the implicit backing of the United States government. It is well known that the US is a proponent of peace and democracy, and is spending trillions of dollars fighting against terroristic acts of this very kind.

    We would not throw our weight behind a violent dictator. It is in neither our history nor our nature.

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