Sri Lanka: On the UN on the role of the UN in the context of the conflict in Sri Lanka.


  • M Kumar

    It is time for Madame Arbour to act instead of indulging in nauseating rhetoric. Sri Lanka is a failed state in Asia. Financially and militarily the state is sustained by Japan, EU, the US and Pakistan. On the one hand these “Good Samaritans” sermon on Human Rights and Democracy to all the sundries and then connive with the failed state to supplement and provide Satellite spy facility to track “terrorist movements”. It is no secret that the US gift (spy satellite) to the failed state can and will be used to ogle the ISRO’s – LPSC at Mahendragiri near Nagercoil, in Tamil Nadu. The failed state’s close proximity to Islamabad will make the ISI the principal beneficiary.
    The Rajapakse junta had manipulated the Bush’s War on Terror to mask Human Rights abuses and has targeted innocent Tamil Civilians in North East and other provinces. In November 2005, the current cabal took control of the political governance and the security services. Since then over 10,000 Tamils have been murdered, kidnapped /abducted, young women had been gang raped, tortured by the security forces and paramilitary gangs. Tamil and Muslim businessmen had been kidnapped / abducted by Security forces and paramilitaries/ for ransom. The horror against Tamils took place in the High Security Zones in Colombo under the ‘care and guidance’ of Ministry of Defense.
    In the name of its military campaign against the Tamil Tigers the failed state had made Colombo a virtual garrison town. Hundreds of Checkpoints and Barricades in Colombo are operational to intimidate and humiliate the Tamils by the security forces and the Police. These points had become “collection centre” where Tamils are arrested and subsequently disappear, murdered and dumped. The nefarious nexus between the executive and the ‘defenders of the nation’ existed since the early sixties. In the early 60s Prime Minister Srimavo’s bloodstained relative A.R. Uudgama, the then Army commander terrorized the Tamils who believed in Gandhiji’s non violence. Opposition to the Sinhala Only Act became a focal point. The Tamils performed Satyagraha in front of the government secretariats called Kacheris.Udugama was rewarded with a M.B.E by the former colonial master for being tough on Tamils!! Since 60s it was an avalanche of abuses. President JRJ’s prodigal son Ravi a school dropout, became a Security Consultant to his father after the 1983 Tamil pogrom and controlled the security forces like Idi Amin Dada. Srimavo’s cousin crooked gangster Anuruddha Ratwatte (a paper General) ruled the roost during President Chandrika’s tenure. At present, a 7/11 gofer is in charge of the failed state’s butchery (MOD – aka Defenders of the Nation).
    Violating International Law and Human Rights in the failed state has become common as the afternoon tea. Never in the history there has been such a gap between government claims and the reality of policy. Contempt for Human Rights and pluralism had become a national tradition under Rajapakse cabal. To understand the proclamations and interpretations of the cabal one must not solely rely on the media. We have to reinvent and reconstruct history to save us from the web of deceit.
    Many foreign “experts” and “consultants” on Sri Lankan conflict conveniently or skeptically overlook the basic historical facts. The British Colonial master unified Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and then encouraged ethnic rivalry through their master minded communal representation. The colonial master united Ceylon (Sri Lanka) for administrative convenience. The master divided through communal representation for his advantage over natives. Well, if you understand Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations (an ideological instrument to reach political, military and economic objectives by the western powers) the conflict notion is part of a broad strategy which has been used throughout history to divide, conquer and rule. The entire political system and governance in Sri Lanka is rotten. It has to be reinvented. Will that EVER happen? Not in the foreseeable future.
    Reason: There is plenty of Chutzpah but no foresight. Madame Arbour is part of the chutzpah. Tamil Tigers have not evolved a new political vision with changing geo-political realities. The Tigers are in same mode – an eye for an eye tactics. Sri Lanka is forgotten.

  • Ajax

    This is a highly biased observation. Such inaccurate information should not allowed to be published.

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