Kuwait: Dude, Where is my Winter ?

This week, a Kuwaiti blogger dishes out advice on how to behave this winter while others continue to give comedy act Axis of Evil raving reviews. Also from Kuwait is a visit to the Car Show and a price hike at Starbucks.

Mr_CHoCoLaTe from feehq8i gives us helpful advice on Kuwait's winter.

واحد : مثل ما ذكرنا قبل شوي لازم تكون مجهز عمرك لكل التغيرات الجويه خاصة بالكويت ، فقبل لا تفتح كبتك او خزانة الملابس ، امسك التلفون و دق على 104 و اسمع النشره الجويه علشان تعرف حر برد معتدل غبار هوا و كل شي هي هي
First: As we said before you should be prepared for every weather change especially in Kuwait. Before you open your closet or cabinet pick up the phone and dial 104 and check the weather
أثنينه : اشرب عصير برتقال ( يا حلات البرتقال الأحمر مال كي دي دي ) علشان تعزز فيتامين سي عندك علشان يحميك من نزلات البرد ، او حليب دافي ويا عسل يمي يمي هي هي
Second: Drink orange juice to increase your vitamin C to protect yourself from colds or warm milk with honey. Yummy yummy!
ثلاثه : لما تطلع و قبل لا تشغل السياره جنك ما تدري طق على السياره من جهة المكينه علشان تتأكد ان ما في قطو بسابع نومه ناوي ينقص راسه لما تشغل السياره =
Third: When you go out and before you start your car, smack your car's hood so you are sure that there isn't a cat sleeping under it and would get killed when you start the car.
أربعه : اذا نزلت الدرايش ارفعهم وقت الزحمه عن دخان السيايير الخانق و اذا حسيت بالحر داخل شغل التكييف و قصر عليه ، و خلك مشغل اغنية فيروز نسم علينه يا هوا او شتي يا دنيا علشان تعيش الجو هي هي
Fourth: If you have your windows down, close them at traffic jams to stop the carbon from other cars from getting into your car and if you feel it's hot, turn on your car's AC at low and listen to Fairouz's song (Breeze of Air Upon Us)
خلك مزهب حبات كلينكس في جيبك تحسباً لأي شنشونه تطل من خشمك هي هي
Fifth: Keep tissue in your pockets in case you need to clean your nose
حط بالك وقت المطر خاصة لما تسوق السياره و جيك على مساحات السياره
Sixth: Be careful when it rains, especially while driving, and check your wipers
لا تقصر ويا احبابك اذا احد حاسين بالبرد ، و البنات ما يحوشهم البرد الا بالشتا ماشاءالله هههههه لما تقولك : بردااانه ، يعني افهم و المود يكون اوكيه حق القز و التفرفر و التضبط و الترقم و اللي اهو فلا تنسى تغتنم الفرصه خخخ
Seventh: Keep an eye and ear on your friends and close ones if they feel cold. Girls feel cold only in winter :P and when she tell s you she feels cold, you should get a hint that is it time for hooking up so don't miss the chance

Meanwhile, American stand up comedy group Axis Of Evil staged a few shows in Kuwait and this is what the bloggers have to say.

Marzouq over at zdistrict says:

I have been hearing about them for a while now and we managed to go see the new showing of Axis of Evil. When it first came out they were sold out for the first three days but then they added two more days and we got tickets to the show by arguing with the people selling them. It was pure insanity to get these tickets, they were flying and now they are in Kuwait.

And we have tooomz, who went to another showing:

It's been a while since I've laughed that much. The guys were amazing and the crowd was great! I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, before and after the show. The friends who'd seen the show at 7 raved about the performances. There was such a positive energy around the place, it was great to be part of it.

too enjoyed the show.

I will begin by saying it was a great show, all 4 comedians did a terrific job, i was literally LOL the entire time, and i am not easily impressed with cheap humor.

Away from comedy, MY K over at mykblog takes us to the Kuwait Car Show.

Mitsubishi Kuwait has had Haleema Boland as a celebrity guest to show off their cars, the crowd around her was unbelievable!

Zahra at kuwait-style post about 2007 Holiday Bazaar, along with pictures.

Kuwait’s largest holiday bazaar at Movenpick, Free Trade Zone, is a one-stop holiday shopping event. From 10AM to 7PM dozens of vendors with unique items gather to display their wares. All proceeds go to Operation Hope.

Our last stop this week is with Frankom, who discusses Starbuck's latest price hike.

قبل فترة طرحت ستاربكس سلطة الفواكه الطازجة واللذيذة بسعر دينار واحد كويتي … اليوم السعر يقفز الى دينار وربع وبعلبة أصغر … هذا بالاضافة الى أرتفاع بعض أسعار الساندويتشات
Some time ago Starbucks introduced fresh fruit salad and priced it at 1 KD. Today the price jumped to 1.25 KD and the box is smaller. In addition, they have increased the prices of some sandwiches.
نكشة : اطالب باستجواب وزير … أي وزير وخلاص المهم استجواب … هبّة
I demand a Minster be grilled in the parliament, any minister it doesn't matter. I only want one grilled and that's all..

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  • hani

    Stop spending money at starbucks. I stopped 3 years ago. A rip off and Kuwaiti’s dont work for there money therefore they don’t care and Al-Shaya is cleaning up on you morans.

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