China: Tourists in conflict with Macao police

Mainland tourists broke into a conflict with riot police in Macao. (In a new statement, Macao denied they were riot police, but only special police training nearby )

It is reported that over 100 people of a mainland tourist group had controversy with the local tour guides on a tour spot in Macao when, according to the tourists involved, the guides forced them to pay for excessive activities not on the schedule (so that the guides may earn backhander). Otherwise, the guides threatened, they would have no food for dinner as well as no place to live. The furious tourists disputed with the tour guides, and soon a police arrived, but during the chaos one of the four tourist leaders was pushed onto the ground, consciousness lost. Some tourists accused the police of using violence while it’s also reported that a group leader slapped on the face of the police. More than 10 police officers soon arrived.

When the irritated tourists surrounded the original police to prevent him from leaving, the two sides came under conflict. After that, 30 additional riot police reached there. The situation fell uncontrolled until 9, PM. Four tourists were detained for questioning.

The senior woman accused the riot police of subduing citizens with no weapon
The senior woman accused the riot police of subduing citizens with no weapon

The tourists surrounded the police.

A tourist lost consciousness during the shoving.

A male tourist alleged he would reveal this scandal to the public after going back home.

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Voices from the internet

The breaking news involved 2 key words, Macao and mainland, that soon aroused reactions on the internet. The first tide of replies was an expression of fury and discontentment.

In, there are over 500 replies on the incident. The locations of the repliers are presented on the net.

A netizen from Guangzhou(广州) said:


Macao and Hong Kong belong to China. However, we Chinese have to apply for so-called “permit” every time we are going there. What the hell does that mean? Firmly boycott travelling to the two places.

A netizen in America said:


The tour guides in Macao are so mean.

A netizen from Hei Longjiang(黑龙江) said:


***, let’s cut the water and electricity supply and see if you can still be above yourself? You’ll be starving to crawl on the ground!

A neitzen from Shi Jiazhuang(石家庄) suggested:


Replace the garrison in Hong Kong and Macao with mainland City Enforcement. Dare you be still so presumptuous?

But not all voices exclusively sided with the mainland tourists. Some appealed to the public for understanding the tour guides’ grief.

A netizen from Jin Hua(金华) said:

哈 哈,回扣都给香港导游拿光了,澳门导游能不急吗???他们这种团叫做自费购物团,一个人到港澳七日游的费用是2000块左右,想想就知道..你如果不买东 西,光来回的机票都不够的.

Ha, the Hong Kong tour guides had taken the entire backhander and how won’t those in Macao worry? The tour group they joined is called “self-expense shopping group”. It costs each person about 2000 RMB for a 7-day trip around Hong Kong and Macao. Think about it! If you just buy nothing, the cost can’t even pay the round-trip ticket.

A netizen from Guangzhou(广州) replied:


There is no free lunch in this world. A trip to Macao on a few hundred RMB? You deserve it!

This reply is from Hubei(湖北):


In the final analysis the problem lies on the preposterous tour system and the environment of the two cities. Namely, they charm tourists with low price and earn backhander by deceiving us of shopping.


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