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Special Coverage: Middle East Peace 2007

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The Middle East Question has grabbed the international headlines for more than half a century. It is now the turn of the region's netizens to vent off and add their perspectives to events touching their lives and the security and stability of the countries they live in.

Will there ever be peace in the Middle East? Leaders of Israel and Palestine have once again showed up for peace negotiations in the United States at the end of November, but evidence of true progress is lacking.

How are average citizens reacting? What are the people on the ground saying? Over the previous few days, emotions have been running high and bloggers in the Middle East have vented their frustrations, hopes, and first hand experiences on the long, bumpy road towards peace.

We have collected these posts on a Special Coverage page [1] that includes live feeds of what bloggers in the region, from Bahrain to Morocco, are writing about about and their hopes for the future. Emotions range from the cynical to the hopeful, with one common thread linking all those blogging – a concern for tomorrow. The page will include links to Global Voices’ detailed coverage of blogger's reactions too.

This is not all. Reuters is also now carrying our live feeds here [2], giving bloggers a voice and an input on mainstream media as history is being made.