Saudi Arabia: Treatment of Women

Saudi Arabia’s medieval practices (only one manifestation of its backwards ideology) have been tolerated far too long, notes The Arabist, from Egypt, who links to an op-ed about the situation of women in the Kingdom.


  • What do you think about the treatemnt of women in the terrorist republic of Khomeinists aka Iran?


    YOU have to see things from a cosmopolitan cultural perspective and not in your narrow minded ideology propagated by Utube and Cosmopolitan Magazine or Play Boy!
    Treatment of women in Iran is Bad but who brought this disaster upon Iran! America’s General Huyser on the instruction from CIA working hand in hand with Mossad brought this disaster on Iran. It is stupid to debate things out of the context.

    If CIA manufactured the term “Islamic Revolution” and imposed the concept via Khomienie and other agents of Western Imperialism on Iran, then you have to discuss the source and not attack the hazardous by-product!!!
    Do you get it?
    If the CIA and British agents created ,financed, nurtured, helped, gave weapons, trained and financed their Al Quida, then it is their Al Quada, not the Muslims or Arabs!!If the by the unexpected by-product of Al Quade is Hazardous then you cannot and should not attack Islam or Moslims because they had no hand in creating this Boil! The US created Al Quada and they were the best buddies in fighting the Soviets! This is their internal fight and should not be used to blame Islam or Muslims.
    The US has supported , financed and backed the Puppet Regime of Soudi Arabia and their renagade tribal leaders who you call them King and Princes, but are Bedwin Camel Riders. They are the one who are the model of your democracy in the Mid East, they are the one who espouse the idea of Women cultural suppression more than any other country; but you are not talikng about them!
    There exist this hypocricy in your thought that what you hear and what you see in the news is somehow correct; but in reality what you hear is a perverted reality!!
    Therefore, you have to reevalaute your understanding of the situation and then sit for judgement of others!

    Tell your government to stop supporting the Mullahs! Stop accepting their investment , as it is stolen from Iran! Stop the gangsters and drug dealers that you imposed in Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq and then talk about women! Everybody is oppressed in Iran, Soudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan who cares about one group.
    They need a cultural liberation from your hedonistic materialist values first and the others would come after.

  • haseeb


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