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Japanese blog queenGravure idol, talento and blog queen Wakatsuki Chinatsu (若槻千夏) announced yesterday that she would be taking time off from blogging. Wakatsuki's official blog, “Maaboudoufu wa Nomimono Desu” (マーボー豆腐は飲み物です) [ja], made famous in part for her tendency to write about celebrity figures and her own love life [ja], has attracted more hits than any other on the popular Ameba hosting service. The blog hit a record [ja] earlier this year when it drew more than 7500 comments [ja] in a single day.

The final post at her blog today attracted thousands of comments (over 4500 at last count) from fans offering their support. In the post itself, she writes:


My head is all mixed up, and I can't seem to write right now, so please allow me to take a short break from blogging.


To the people who were looking forward [to the next blog entry], and also to those who were not, I'm sorry.


Please give me time.

The entry was posted just after 8 am yesterday, and within seconds reactions began pouring in from fans. A writer named Hiyoko made the first comment:


It's okay! I'll be waiting!

In a comment titled “I understand”, another commenter named Nao-san gives some advice:


Please rest and relax ♪

Shortly thereafter, commenter Aa-san writes:


There are times like these, aren't there.
There are times when people need to take a break.
So please rest and relax.

At 8.15am, Mayumayu writes:


China-chan, are you okay? I understand! I'll be waiting, but I really love your amazing blog, so don't wait too long (LOL). Just kidding. I'm a fan, so I will wait (^^)ノシ

At 8.16am, in a comment titled “I really like Chinatsu-san” (千夏ちゃん大好き), commenter Mao writes:

ブログが一番 千夏ちゃんとつながってるような気がしてたから寂しいけど、

I'll kinda miss it, but I understand.
I'll be waiting for when you update [your blog] again!
Your blog is number one. I have a feeling like I am connected to you, so I feel lonely, but
I'll wait until the day when you can blog as yourself again ♪
I still really support you even if your blog is not being updated ★
And don't push yourself too hard!

Next minute, Tentomushi wishes the blog queen a good morning:

とても 大切なこと(^-^)
忙しいなかでのブログの更新は大変なんじゃないかって いつも心配してたんよ。
あたしもブログしてる身だから わかるの!

A rest for Chi-chan's spirit ♪
That's a very important thing (^-^)
I always worry that updating a blog while you are very busy must be really hard.
I'm also somebody who blogs, so I understand!


Take a rest and relax. I can see you on the TV screen as well.
So I'll be okay (^-^)v

また 更新される日を まってるね~(´(ェ)`)

I'll be waiting for the day when you update [your blog] again (´(ェ)`)

Many fans expressed confusion. The next minute a commenter writes:

どうしたの? よく分からないけど頑張って下さい!!ずっとずっと応援してます!!復活するの待ってるよ(^o^)

What happened? I don't really understand, but please do your best! I will always always support you!! I'll be waiting for you to come back again

At 8.20 am, another commenter provides some advice:


Bloggers are free to blog as they like.
I don't think you should force yourself to write (o^∀^o)


Please take a rest and relax until you are again able to write in the China-chan style.
I'll be waiting (b^ー°)

Many fans were worried about what had happened. One person writes:


Oh no.
I'm worried.


If… you have a lot of things that you have to do,
I've heard that it's good to write down what you have to do on paper.


When you're relaxed again, please update your blog ☆

A little later, someone named Sesuku makes their first comment:


This is my first comment.
Your blog always helps me out.
It's interesting so it makes me laugh…
I draw on the writing style…
And sometimes there are (LOL) serious comments which bring me encouragement!


Take as much time as you like, and please get healthy and come back again.

There are many, many, many more comments. To read the full list (in Japanese), see the comment box at Wakatsuki Chinatsu's blog.

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