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Central Asia and CIS: BarCamp – Riga, 2008

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Digital Activism

In February next yar a new BarCamp event for the bloggers from EU and former Soviet Union will be held in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Activists, enthusiasts and professionals of the new media will bring themselves together in order to tell each other about their projects, problems and news – and, certainly, to get to know each other. This is a unique opportunity for everyone, who is interested in citizen journalism, blogging, podcating, social networking and in the concepts of new media and Web 2.0, to learn more, to present themselves and to establish connections with the colleagues and interesting people from various countries.

Barcamp Website

The event's format – Camp, or unConference – presumes not only self-organization of the participants and everybody's possible contribution to the general organizing process, but also an informal approach to the conduct of the event. It is expected that the Riga unConference will bring together up to 300 bloggers from the Baltic states and CIS countries, while the BarCamp itself is expected to become an annual event. In 2007 there were two Camps held in Amsterdam (September) and Kyiv (October). If you want to learn more about new media projects, blogs and other opportunities brought by Web 2.0, if you have something to say, or if you can somehow help BarCamp to take place, get registered on BarCamp's page [1] and help spread the message in your blogs!