Big Brother Africa II: Did Immorality Triumph?

Tanzania's Richard Bezuidenhout was recently declared the winner of $100 000 prize for the second edition of Big Brother Africa. Richard, the 24 year-old film student, survived five nominations, fell in love with a fellow housemate from Angola, Tatiana, and was involved in an alleged sexual assault in the house. Richard was newly married when he entered the house. Bloggers have been writing extensively about the outcome of the show. One wrote, “The outcome of the results clearly shows that Immorality triumphs over Morality.” Another one declared, “Big Brother rapist wins the prize.”

The Big Brother Fan Blog wrote:

Tanzania’s Richard Bezuidenhout has won Big Brother Africa II. The 24 year-old film student had a tumultuous time in the House. He fell in love, had more than a few tantrums and survived nomination five times on his road to the $100 000 prize.

Nigeria’s Ofunneka Molokwu took second place, with Tatiana Durao of Angola coming in third. Ofunneka and Tatiana both win tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, courtesy of MTN.

Richard received votes from Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia and the rest of Africa voted for Ofunneka, while Tatiana received Angola’s vote.

The blog also posted after-party photos:

Looks like they had a whale of time… If you look in one of the pics, you can actually see Botswana’s first famous midget, Justice, in the background… It looks like Richard’s sister, Linda, believes that she won the money. Look at how she’s all over that briefcase! And could anyone be more FAKE!! Dancing with Tatiana, holding her, having a laugh – that woman [Linda] truly is a piece of work [Sorry, Rich, you’re a nice dude – I just dunno what happened to her!].

Does anyone else think she looks like a Jackson?! LaToya Jackson to be exact… Wonder how many times she’s been under the knife…

“Despite the sexual assault allegation scandal, Richard still scooped the $100,000 prize,” Bella Naija noted on her blog:

Richard Bezuidenhout has won Big Brother Africa II. Despite the sexual assault allegation scandal, Richard still scooped the $100,000 prize. Ofunneka came second and Tatiana came third. Congrats to him, I just hope the allegations are not true and the ‘activities’ with Ofunneka were consensual but I still have my reservations.

Pause to Ponder wrote, “Where Immoral triumphs over Moral“:

The outcome of the results clearly shows that Immorality triumphs over Morality. Richard it was, that is very popular with the reality show for his glaring immoral and uncare attitude while the shows lasted. His love escapdes with the Angolan contestant Tatiana is well known to the followership of the reality show. One would have thought that, following the patterns of voting from the beginning of the show, where those who throw immoral to the wind ended up being evicted, Ofunneka who is more decent and represent a true African Women with her disposition, character and conduct, should have won the prize, but, it was Richard, who epitomises all the names calling that has the face of immorality that won the prize.
My candid opinion however is that, it wasn't Richard character or his popularity that earn him the prize, but his supporters did the outside job for him.

Funmi Iyanda wrote, “The lover takes it all…”:

I suspect a large percentage of Nigerians had the odds firmly on Ofunneka and were as shocked as she obviously was when Richards’s name was announced. She never did recover her poise till she fell into her fathers (?) arms post eviction.

I had wanted Ofunneka to win because she was a strong, hard working girl, she obviously was not cooking and cleaning and counselling and dancing and crying and laughing as part of a game but as part of the entity that was herself. My brain recognized that fact and wished her well especially after the statutory rape (please refer to Linda Ekeji’s comprehensive post on this) fiasco. However there was a devilish little part of me that wanted Richard to win, as that would present many more twists to the tale. If Richard were to win, will he share with Tatiana, will he stay with Tatiana?

Hottest Gossip reported that the governor of Nigeria's Delta State promised to give the Nigerian housemate, Ofunneka, $100,000:

The governor of oil rich Delta State where Ofunneka hailed from has yesterday evening which was transmitted via Silver Bird Television promised to give her $100,000 that Big Brother organizers failed to give her on her return to Nigeria.
He stated that Ofunneka is the true winner since the rest of Africa voted her to win. He also said that she lost the vote just because she is a Nigerian.
He frown at the negative message the emergence of Richard as winner has sent across Africa.
He also declared that Ofunneka has done much better image-making job for Nigeria than what has been done by our lobbyists over the years and over US$100,000 was spent.
Some insiders believe :MNET has just chased herself out of Nigerian market especially now that their local HI-TV has taken over 80% of English premiership and LA liga matches.

Ofunneka, known affectionately by viewers as Ofunemama for her motherly role in the house, had a big support among viewers who thought that making Richard the winner would demean African cultural values. As Hottest Gossip wrote, this has been a long journey for Richard:

It’s a long way to victory for Richard who has been constantly on the headlines and was accused by many viewers of commiting adultery , being abusive to women yet it is clear he was the most entertainning housemate ,and his love affair with Tatiana kept the viewers glued to the Tv for weeks!!!!

While many bloggers seem to have been following the show, eSquared Fashion cannot tell you who the winner was:

Well, I’m afraid I can’t tell you who the Big Brother Africa winner was, as I didn’t know there was a Big Brother Africa on at the moment.

What was interesting is that Big Brother Africa was mentioned on Sky Television a few minutes ago, saying that there was a controversy. A controversy in the latest Big Brother??

That’s not a SURPRISE!!!

Every series of Big Brother in South Africa and internationally seems to have some sort of controversy!

Tanzanian bloggers, Issa Michuzi and Haki Ngowi, have been posting photos of Tanzanianis celebrating Richard's victory and his arrival in Tanzania.

The Ugandan Housemate, Maureen Nomvula, is now a blogger. She blogs at Maureen Blah Blah Blah. Viewers called her “Blah Blah Blah” because of her tendency to finish her sentences with “blah blah blah.” She uses her blog to share her post-eviction thoughts and experiences.


  • Now I know who won Big Brother Africa. Nice one! :)

  • albert handerson mwatiriri

    Am very pleased that at last richard has won the $100,000 . Well he kept us glued on our tv’s because according to me he was the most entertaining though he was immoral at times but we can’t blame him that’s the nature of human’s at times. well i would like to congratulate him all the same hopin his wife understands!!!!

  • mainza Zambia

    i never supported richiana’s relationship. ofuneka will remain my winner not forgeting our own Maxwell. what morals will he be teaching us? what you dont know wont hurt you but richard was cheating when he knew the wife was watching.Dont forget the scundle that happened in the house between him and ofu? am a woman and i wouldnt support such nosense! am soory but Ofu is the winner and she really desreves it.go Ofu not even the sky should be the limit! all the best to Maxrato. you have my blessings.


    Ofunneka was really th eperson to go for in Big Brother Africa.Though she never go the money but she was the real winner.Am really proud of her and am also very happy because of what her Governor is gonna do for her

  • Bernard

    The reactions to the incidence in the big brother house should remind us of the nature of man.sometime he tends to call evil good and good evil depending on his/her sense of judgement.But what I think is more important is that: pple who aknowleged their wrong doing and apologised should be forgiven.

  • Angelica from Brazil

    It`s disgusting see something like that!!! I can`t even believe that horrible man won!! How Endemol can let this happened?? The worst it that african people voted him and say that is “human nature”!?? It`s seek nature. For the first time I felt not to help africans as I have been doing…I`m a research in HIV field and as a woman I can’t agree with this!! NEVER
    I`m very sorry, but it`s a SHAME for the african people!!!
    It`s a global shame

  • Angelica from Brazil

    Please Ndesanjo Macha explain me..How can your people let something like that happen??? I don`t get it!!!!!!
    I`m reading the news from the other side of the Ocean…trying to understand..but it`s impossible

  • Arlete Gusmão Manuel Soares

    A tatiana foi convidada a fazer um filme em londres depois vais lhe seguir de novo para brincar com os sentimentos dele de novo? seu vigarista de 1ª classe.

  • Arlete Gusmão Manuel Soares

    The tatiana was invited to make a film in london then will follow him back to play with the sentiments it again? His vigarista of 1 st class.

  • Arlete Gusmão Manuel Soares

    vi a tua esposa na fotografia e um horror, por isso é que ficaste atrapalhado com a tatiana andas com uma velha.Eu sem saber ao fundo da vossa vida acho que casaste por interesse, coitado, em Angola usd 100.000,00 não é grande coisa, a Tatiana foi para ganhar fama e por outra nunca te subiu ao pensamento a vida boa que Ela tem em Angola? Nunca procuraste saber qual País de Africa que as pessoas têm mais acesso ao dolar fique sabendo que é em Angola não se atrapalhe faz as coisas com calma. Por favor, não fiques ai a falar mal da Tatiana por favor, as coisas que a Tatiana possui esta valorizado em muito mais de USD 100.000,00 , volta com a tua mama e não divorcie com Ela. Sucessos seu Dog

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