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China and Hong Kong: Netizens Criticize Arrogant CCTV Reporter

Categories: East Asia, China, Hong Kong (China), Freedom of Speech, International Relations, Media & Journalism

A CCTV reporter, Zhou Tao, had the company van scratched in a minor car accident in the Hong Kong airport. He called the police and the investigation took 4 hours. He then wrote a blog post (zh) [1] to criticize Hong Kong police for being slow and ineffective; he claimed that the same case would only take 30mins in Beijing. The post has stirred up great reaction from BBS and blogsphere. Lu Guoping criticized that Zhou is too used to the privileged position in China [2] and in lack of respect for standard procedure in investigation (zh). GZX1975 also said that Zhou was too arrogant and had little understanding about rule of law [3] (zh). Eventually Zhou has deleted two of his posts concerning the incident.