China: Rules of Olympic engagement

Global Voices Olympics On Hong Kong Democratic Party founder and Legco member Martin Lee being labeled a race traitor and running dog after his WaPo article, which proposed engagement with Beijing in lieu of Olympic boycott, was widely interpreted by some as a call for American intervention in China's human rights situation just days after he met with president George Bush's National Security Advisor and “cold warrior” John Negroponte, readers of NetEase Olympic Report‘s series of reports documenting furor and backlash aimed at Lee over the weekend made the following comments:

On Tsang Hin-chi‘s criticism of Lee for lacking ‘the bravery of Chinese blood’:

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2007-10-28 19:07:13 发表
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As a Hong Konger, to go to another country and demand it intervene in our China's affairs, is wrong.
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2007-10-28 21:21:31 发表
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Everyone has freedom to express opposition, but, as a Chinese, speech and expression are based on upholding our motherland's national interests. When national interest is in jeopardy, everyone ought to think before they act, no? Let alone attempting to use other countries and governments to meddle with one's own motherland's national interests, does someone like that still qualify as a national citizen? I suggest this person's citizenship be revoked, that he be exiled from China, and be treated as an enemy of the Chinese state, never to set foot on Chinese soil again.
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2007-10-28 22:52:27 发表
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You […] race traitor running dog, why don't you go die, asking the American devils to come screw with your own country
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网易山东青岛网友 ip:218.56.*.*:
2007-10-28 20:02:37 发表
你们看过martin lee的全文了吗??
如果按照你这样的说法,当年 毛主席 为什么 求助苏联????

Have you even seen Martin Lee's full article?
Going with what you're saying, why would Chairman Mao have sought help from the USSR back in the day????
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2007-10-29 00:21:01 发表
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Send some agents to go “take Lee out”.
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On the Democratic Party statement in support of the Beijing Olympics and opposition to those who would boycott it:

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2007-10-28 18:28:28 发表
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Is there anything wrong with supporting human rights?
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2007-10-28 19:43:03 发表
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The only way to get by as an official is to play whatever cards you have, or else it just wouldn't be worth it.
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2007-10-28 19:10:58 发表
网易广东深圳网友(61.145.*.*) 的原贴:
支持人权没有错 我们在人权方面确实存在很多不足 但这些不足得靠我们自己来解决…
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“Is there anything wrong with supporting human rights?”
No, nothing wrong with supporting human rights. We definitely lack in many areas on human rights, but in the areas we lack, we'll have to resolve those ourselves…
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2007-10-28 19:52:31 发表
网易广东深圳网友(61.145.*.*) 的原贴:
支持人权没错 但是放弃主权就不队
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“Is there anything wrong with supporting human rights?”
There's nothing wrong with supporting human rights, but relinquishing sovereignty is wrong
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2007-10-28 18:51:14 发表
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“Is there anything wrong with supporting human rights?”
What bull! Is there any connection between the Olympics and human rights? There's nothing wrong with supporting human rights, but there is no connection between Chinese human rights and foreign countries! We'll take care of our own affairs; you know not every little thing has to be done in hand with foreigners!
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2007-10-28 20:08:22 发表
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Just look, does America have human rights? Firearms, #1. Cash money, #1. Attacked Serbia. Attacked Iraq. How many people have died? All for lies.
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2007-10-28 22:37:13 发表
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Support Mr. Lee!! Support Mr. Lee!! Support Mr. Lee!! Support Mr. Lee!! Support Mr. Lee!! It's election time again, but I don't know a single one of our district candidates. I don't even know where to go to vote. I've lived to thirty already, and yet no-one has ever told me to go cast a vote!!
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On ‘Martin Lee: I would be a race traitor forever’:

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2007-10-28 18:21:39 发表
做法不对,不过可能我们是要反思下自己的 REN QUAN 状况了
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His approach is all wrong, although we could stand to reflect a bit on the state of our own human rights.
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2007-10-28 18:19:01 发表
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Why didn't we see you jumping up for HKers’ human rights back when Hong Kong was still British?!
A standard race traitor!!!
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2007-10-28 19:26:44 发表
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I'd prefer to have human rights, and I don't want the Olympics!
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2007-10-28 18:29:09 发表
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Just like when I was young, it's like the bunch of these people haven't matured yet; he would last here in the harmonious society of the motherland.
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2007-10-28 19:07:41 发表
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People like him are worth praising.
Our countrymen should be able to see that he is for national interest, that he's not a real race traitor.
American intervention would be appropriate, and beneficial to the average mainlander.
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网易福建龙岩网友 ip:218.86.*.*:
2007-10-28 20:28:28 发表
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We can have different voices, but what we cannot have are different convictions. American intervention would promote the development of human rights in China, but, America's intervention would be in hopes of controlling China, throwing China into chaos, and containing China. I won't rest until all reactionaries are dead!!! Martin Lee's thinking to use foreign forces to promote the development of human rights in China is backwards from the get-go! It lacks understanding of the cause of Chinese human rights! His approach essentially that of a race traitor……
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2007-10-28 20:30:18 发表
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This is a disgrace for us Chinese; is our motherland really that bad? Are the people not good enough for you? Traitor. Traitor. Ten years since the Hong Kong handover, and isn't the economy booming? Is life so bad? Why would you use the Olympics to pressure China?! Are you Chen Shui-bian's son too?
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2007-10-28 20:22:54 发表
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He claims: “there are currently people purposefully seeking to smear this article, to purposefully promote me to a race traitor, and their goal is to influence the election.” He also points out that Hong Kongers have human rights, and need to fight for mainlanders to enjoy the same. If doing such results in one being called a race traitor, then he “would rather be one forever”.
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2007-10-28 18:34:13 发表
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[…] your ancestors, you're a scourge on the Chinese people.
The scum of Chinese people, a degenerate named Lee.
(16) (16)

网易广东佛山网友 ip:125.95.*.*:
2007-10-28 18:29:38 发表
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Curse you for eternity you traitor dog!
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And onHong Kong citizens denounce former Democracy Party Chairman Martin Lee as a country-betraying traitor‘:

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2007-10-28 18:31:37 发表
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Post the full text of his article. We don't want to be quoting someone out of context.
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网易安徽马鞍山网友 ip:60.167.*.*:
2007-10-28 19:36:49 发表
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He said a few words, and now he's betrayed the country.
Did he really though?
He also wants to see a better China.
I also hope America pressures China, do something about those corrupt officials.
So am I a traitor now too?
You bunch of people are just being used.
(71) (1)

网易江苏无锡网友 ip:222.191.*.*:
2007-10-28 18:32:11 发表
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Since Martin Lee would rather be a traitor, then I'm not going to curse him as one. But I will curse him as being a foreign flunky! I see that you're getting on in years, so you must have been through the days when Hong Kong was a colony. But we didn't see you jumping to give the Governor of Hong Kong any reports on democracy or human rights, so why now, post-handover, are you suddenly going up against the central government? Especially by calling on America to use the Olympics to pressure China. You remind me of someone from history, Wu Sangui, only that he didn't end off so well.
(53) (42)

网易广东广州网友 ip:121.33.*.*:
2007-10-28 18:28:39 发表
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A big enough forest can have any kind of bird! It just shows that China's not big and strong enough yet. Comrades, we must work harder! Increase national defense, promote economic development, strengthen scientific development! Countrymen, let's make the effort together!
(34) (16)

网易广东深圳网友 [chengjuehua]:
2007-10-28 19:28:56 发表
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If there isn't another reform, we're just going to end up walking in the USSR's footsteps. No amount of human strength can stop the wheels of history from turning.
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网易广东深圳网友 ip:121.36.*.*:
2007-10-28 19:26:03 发表
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Different voices is something normal, but to rely on foreign powers really it traitorous. Our country's human rights definitely need improvement, but we've all seen clearly how much things have improved over the past few years, and I believe in Chairman Hu‘s intelligence; in these last few years of development, he hasn't let us down, and I believe that he won't from here on in either.
Hong Kong's patriots should organize an activity, and bring Martin Lee this true traitor down out of power!
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  • Charles Liu

    Can you name one US politician that called for politicizing the Los Angeles Olympics in the 1980’s, in light of the fact we trained Osma Bin Ladin and bank rolled his terrorist organization?

  • This week Iceland hosts a conference about sport and society – mega events such as the 2008 Olympic Games i China will be debated. Help us create debate and dialogue on

  • leo

    What Martin Lee had done is causing more harm than good to the world as a whole up till present and ruining the Olympic spirit which in great extend is still treasured by most mainlander Chinese. Mainland Chinese are still thinking Olympic game is a good chance to bring understanding and mutual respects between countries and races. Martin Lee’s brainless deed had caused shame on Hong Kongers to have such lawmaker!!

  • joel

    OK, it loses somthing in the translation, I’m sure, but I think this is why many people laugh at people in China.

    Has anyone said yet that Martin Lee has “hurt the feelings of all the Chinese people”?

    They probably will.

    Every country has its problems, and the US can certainly be pointed to as having many faults, but China stands out with the petty stupidity of the people and the system.

    I think it all falls back to the fact that you can’t talk about things.

    If there is a riot over land rights in some province, it’s not reported or debated as to who was right and who was wrong.

    How many people did nor did not die in 1989? No, you can’t even ask the question.

    Is Hu Jintao a good leader? No discussion on that is allowed.

    What is the criteria for blocking websites? Don’t ask.

    Some of the comments translated here are laughable

    Patriotism? I thought that meant a love of and loyalty to one’s country.

    That does not mean I have to agree with the communist party and it’s leaders.

    Some examples of the laughable comments above

    race traitor running dog
    Send some agents to go “take Lee out
    relinquishing sovereignty is wrong
    A standard race traitor
    harmonious society of the motherland.
    His approach essentially that of a race traitor
    disgrace for us Chinese;
    scourge on the Chinese people
    Hong Kong’s patriots

    What a load of rubbish.

    China has 1.2 billion people. How many are uneducated and being used as the cheap labour that is behind the country’s current success?

    Maybe someone should praise the Chinese space missions.

    But they are 40 years late and have the advantage of modern technology.

    And they were using Russian spacecraft anyway.

  • mahathir_fan

    Martin Lee, based on what I read about him was a British collaborator. He was treated very well by the British administration of Hong Kong.

    Today, he is considered a pro-democracy politician by the Western press despite not being a communist. But where was his “pro-democracy” stance when the British were in power?

    If he went to the US while the British were still colonizing Hong Kong and urge the US to intervene in the British colonization of Hong Kong – to press the British to release Hong Kong – to nullify the surrender agreements of the opium war etc. etc., then I would have no issue with him making today’s statement. I would consider him a Chinese patriot.

    But fact is, he was passive about releasing Britain’s strangle hold of Hong Kong, but after Hong Kong was returned back to China he suddenly showed so much concern for democracy and human rights . I therefore question the legitimacy of his struggle.

    A person who stands for democracy or human rights ought to have been struggling for them while the British were in power and while it is under China. He shouldn’t be selective about who is his “Master” before launching his struggle.

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