Hong Kong: China's Olympic Opportunity

Legislative Councilor Martin Lee was accused of inviting interference from U.S to China. ESWN brings together Martin Lee's article from the Wall Street Journal, member of Executive Council Tsang Yok-sing's criticism on Martin Lee and local newspapers report on the issue.


  • leo

    It is disgusting to see Martin Lee writing to invite foreign intervention of the domestic politics of China through the Olympic game event. It is the ideal that Olympic game is a chance to promote understandings and mutual respect and acceptance of different countries through a non-political event.
    What Martin Lee had done is unacceptable to a sensible person no matter he is a Chinese or not.

  • Leo


    Your view about Martin Lee is unfounded. The source article by Martin Lee stated that China had pledged to improve human rights as a pre-requisite for hosting the Olympic Games:

    “By applying for the Olympics, we want to promote not just the city’s development, but the development of society, including democracy and human rights,” one of China’s key Olympic figures, Deputy Mayor Liu Jingmin, told the Washington Post in 2001. Then, Mr. Liu said, “If people have a target like the Olympics to strive for, it will help us establish a more just and harmonious society, a more democratic society, and help integrate China into the world.” (Wall Street Journal, Oct 17, 2007)

    This call for improving human rights is not coming from outside China, from ‘external powers’, but from within China by the Deputy Mayor Liu Jingmin. The real issue here is that Beijing itself has called for an improvement in human rights, and Martin Lee is only encouraging ‘external powers’ to monitor this promise. If Beijing does not wish to improve human rights, then they should not make such promises. Get your facts right!!!

  • leo

    One just needs simple logic training before one can see the difference of a drive that comes from oneself using objective target as an encouragement and the call for external pressure to creat a drive by Martin Lee with his pressing for China’s change under foreign engagement. It is especially stupid when that external press is that from USA who now has a worldwide poor reputation of foreign policy. Either Martin Lee is brainless or he has special favour of being an American foreign policy adviser.
    What a sheme to see him as a Hong Kong lawmaker!!

  • HKer

    hahaha… those who said Lee is inviting external force to intervent China policy via Olympic event… should take HKCEE again, they will probably fail…


  • Jac

    I am not here to agrue the correct meaning of “press” (the verb) or “direct engagement” in Chinese translation. But I am here to point out that Martin Lee used the words “agenda” and “promises” at the end of paragraph 6 and 7 in the original article. Assume Deputy Mayor Liu Jingmin really had given his words long ago. Then whose agenda is it ? Who made promises before to work on this agenda ? Chinese.

    Here comes my next question: Does Chinese government need foreign pressure in fulfulling its own promises ? Always, of course as everyone knows.

    Is Martin Lee inviting foreign intervention ? The answer is open to interpretation. Even if so, it is not a bad thing for Chinese or Hong Kong people. But one thing is sure: Invition for foreign intervention is not the main theme of Martin’s article.

  • leo

    My lord! Forgive those who lie to people that Martin Lee is not pressing China to change through foreign engagement! Teach us to accept others’ radiculous insult with your own example when nailed at the cross!

  • Jac

    You shouldn’t pass your own judgment on people (in the name of God) based on what they said no matter you like it or not. You are just acting like a Taliban. It won’t be appreciated.


    Martin Lee’s agenda is obvious, based on his past records. But that is irrelevant. Assuming that he sincerely cares about human rights in any country, not just China, then, foremost, he should bring pressure on the country that has caused the most human suffering in Iraq and other countries, the United States. Or maybe the Olympics should forbid the U.S. from participating in the Games.

  • Jac

    Well, China is Martin’s country now and not United States. Just like you said, since Martin cared about the human rights and suffering in China (his own country), he wrote the article to press for the civil/human right improvements in China. Martin obviously does not care about United States, which is not his own country.

    Through all the online responses, I notice that native Hong Kong people tend to support Martin but mainland Chinese or non-native Hong Kong people (mainland immigrants to Hong Kong or whose parents were mainland immigrants to Hong Kong) tend to defend the Chinese tyranny government. This observation is the exact example reflecting the conflicts of interests between native Hong Kong people and mainland Chinese or non-native Hong Kong people. That’s why Hong Kong needs someone like Martin Lee to protect and enact the policy of “one country, two systems” in order to guarantee the freedom of speech that all native Hong Kong people were and are still entitled to.

    AREN’T mainland Chinese or non-native Hong Kong people entitled to the freedom of speech ?? The answer is again open to interpretation. First, they were not born with such a freedom. If they do know the true meaning of the freedom of speech, why are they still defending the Chinese tyranny government ? If they DO know the meaning, they should be glad that Martin Lee are PRESSING the Chinese tyranny government to grant them the basic human rights (which all Americans and native Hong Kong people have been enjoying since they were born).

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