Cuba: US to Encourage Democratic Change?

“US President George W Bush will today announce a set of initiatives designed to encourage democratic change in Cuba,” writes Child of the Revolution – but he wonders if the measures will make any difference.


  • mel

    If democratic change is what the people of Cuba want then they should be encouraged in their efforts. However, democratic change can only be achieved by Cubans in Cuba.

    Although I do not know yet what his initiatives entail, I worry that George Bush has a hidden agenda and sees this as an opportunity to repeat the Spanish American war when, after defeating the “Spanish” colonists and oppressors, they US created a sort of neo-colonialism, that ultimately ended in the Revolution of 1959. The Cuban Revolution was a first not a communist one, but an agrarian one. US corporate interests had appropriated most of the land for sugar and tobbaco cultivation whilst the majority of Cubans were poor and homeless. Fidel overthrew a US supported dictator, Batista. Although I do believe that the current Cuban regime failed miserably at living up to the ideal it had in the beginning, US involvement in Latin American affairs, at least in my opinion, has brought nothing but bloodshed and commercial exploitation to the region.

    I am not saying that this is what Bush has in mind, but I hope Cuba will not be next on the list of the American Empire.

  • I never have been at that part of the globe but I feel that totalitarian regime is drastic heavy for personal feelings of human dignity and I belive that Cubans wake up as we have done at 1991 and later at 2004 (Orange revolution). It is pity that free I-net access is limited in Cuba as I know.

  • I visited Cuba at the December 2007 where I have had meetings with opposition. It is real horror how people are suffering there. Poorness and totalitarian demagogy with human right violation everywhere… We should push our government to press on Cuban authority for democratization process.

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