Zimbabwe: Eyes On Zimbabwe

“Eyes on Zimbabwe is a new feature on Zimbabwe on the Open Society Institute website. They are trying to raise awareness about the crisis in Zimbabwe in advance of Parliamentary, Presidential and local government elections to be held next year,” via Kubatana blog.


  • todd kidd

    I’m black American and I just one thing to say: Long live Mugabe! He is a hero to blacks world wide. The land reform program will work but the British don’t want it to happen because they want to continue the myth that blacks cannot organize or run a modern economy. Please support Mugabe on the land reform program! Namibia, South Africa will also experience the revolution and land will be returned to natives.

  • thabani moyo

    in response to todd kidd. well you might be a black american and am impressed with your hero worshiping of mugabe but the fact is that you are doing so at the comfort of a democracy and you have no idea what trouble zimbabweans have gone through. i am a zimbabwean and i have seen how disastrous the land reform you seem to glorify was undertaken. the land was all given to mugabe supporters who
    have no idea on farming. this is not a british-zimbabwe war but the whole world against a dictator who is clever to use the race issue as a trump card to gain the support of people like you todd kidd.
    If south africa and namibia go the route of zimbabwe i feel sorry for its citizens. but for people like you todd you better keep quite and enjoy the democarcy you have than involve yourselves with issues you have no idea about. mugabe is a dictator who has caused so much suffering to his people and not to the british. i am a zimbabwean (and ask any other zimbabwean for that matter) the man who is your hero is a devil to us.

  • todd kidd

    Long live Mugabe. Black American. The hell what Mandel—we don’t want reconcilation, we want our soil back. In South Africa, the white man still has 89% of the land yet he is only 7% of the population. THis is a travesty. In Namibia, whites own all the land and blacks. Whites obtained the land by stealing it at gun point! This is the real problem in southern Africa. Untill land is returned to blacks they will continue to live in poverty.
    Don’t let this site be an “uncle tom” for European imperialism. Blacks worldwide support Mugabe. Peace to the black brothers in Brazil and those in Zimbabwe. Hold on to your land and never give in to the colonist or traders like the MDC!

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  • simba

    Ownership of the means of production are a necessity to the indigenous population of a country. Thanks for the Land Mugabe we wont let you down

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