Taiwan: 2007 Taiwan Pride Parade

On October 13th, the fifth Taiwan Pride Parade took place in the eastern district of Taipei. Close to fifteen thousand people joined in this activity. The theme this year is “Rainbow Power.” Participants are divided into seven groups, wearing and holding seven different colors to form a huge rainbow on ground. This is the embodiment of LGBT pride!

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(Photo from peellden's flickr)

(Photo from A-Meow's flickr)


Organizations joining this parade are concerned with gender and human rights issues from various perspectives, including departments and clubs from many universities, Gender/Sexuality Rights Association Taiwan, Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Awakening Foundation[zh], etc. Harmony Home Association Taiwan, which long focuses on HIV/AIDS human rights issues, and Freehugs for HIV/AIDS[zh] are also present.

在這次的遊行團體當中,還可以看到幾位媽媽帶著才幾個月大的孩童參加遊行。她們正是同志家庭權益促進會的成員。同志家庭權益促進會一直為了同志合法結婚以及 合法領養的權益而努力。以電子報的方式,發送關於同志結婚以及領養的相關訊息,而現在也在朝向電子報紙本化的方向而努力。今年也與三缺一劇團,合作了〈一百種回家的方法〉的劇碼,以戲劇的方式表達同志組成家庭的困境。

In the parade, several mothers walk with their infants. They are members of Homosexual Family Rights Association[zh]. This advocacy group has been promoting gay marriages and adoption. They issue e-papers about related information and are trying to publish printed edition. This year, the association cooperated with theatrical company “Short One Player” to perform a play named “A Hundred Ways of Going Home[zh],” trying to emphasize difficulties that homosexuals face when having a family.

My mom is a lesbian and she is perfect. (Photo from piglee&awid's Wretch)

One child and two mothers equal to a happy homosexual family. (Photo from peellden's flickr)

Freehugs for HIV/AIDS. (Photo from A-Meow's flickr)

Besides a happy festival, this parade has a serious request. Independent media Coolloud writes[zh]:

今天的遊行提出訂定「反性別歧視法」、「同居伴侶法」等訴求,主要針對LGBT社群在就業、婚姻、求學過程中遭到的歧視與 制度上的阻礙;除此之外,國家機 關透過社會秩序維護法、刑法235條等惡法,與警察機關利用「釣魚」等方式對「援交」、「性工作者」採取不人道的對待;對於LGBT社群聚集的場所,惡意 地掃蕩、破壞社群的生存權利。即將在今年12月9日國際人權日前夕舉辦外勞大遊行的台灣國際勞工協會秘書長吳靜如特別上台,希望今天參與遊行的朋友們,一 起來參加外勞的遊行,她說,就因為外勞與性邊緣者,同處弱勢的地位,所以他們在居住權、就業、性自主等,備受壓迫,她希望外勞、同志,所有的弱勢者可以一 起走向多彩的社會。

The parade asks Legislative Yuan (the Congress) to pass “No Gender Discrimination Law” and “Cohabitation Law” in order to eliminate discriminations and institutional challenges that LGBT community faces in school, marriage and job market. In addition, the government treats sex workers inhumanely by using Social Order Maintenance Act and Articale 235 of Penal Code. Police sets up traps to arrest sex workers and maliciously sweeps LGBT gathering places. On December 9th this year, Taiwan International Workers Association will hold a migrant workers parade[zh] on the eve of Human Rights Day. Secrectary general of TIWA, Wu Jing-ru calls on everyone to join that parade because sexual minority and international workers are both disadvantaged groups. Both groups are oppressed in terms of housing rights, employment and sexual autonomy. She hopes internaional workers, LGBT and all disadvantaged people can come together towards a diversified society.


“Is transexual wrong? Is transexual wrong? Is transgender wrong? Is transgender wrong?” This beautiful lady chanted “Trangender is not guilty” in the parade and asked national health insurance to cover transgender operations. (Photo from Yang Chih-Hsiang‘s flickr)

Participants ask the government to draft “No Gender Discrimination Law” and “Cohabitation Law”. (Photo from peellden's flickr)

Ykan, a lesbian, writes down her thoughts after the parade[zh]:


I see so many different brave people shouting:
“Homosexuals are not guilty! Homosexuals are not wrong!”
“I am gay. I want equality.”
“Is transexual wrong?”
“Give back my rights!”


The popular singer A-mei's participation excites so many people. This is not my fist time to see her live show, but this is the first time I like her so much. She is so friendly to homosexuals without any business operations. We all appreciate her contribution and consideration.

看著這麼多人、一萬五千人走上街頭,沿路被很多人拿著照相機,攝影機拍著,沒有畏畏縮縮,只有驕傲! 我很慶幸我來了,不然我永遠不會知道當個同志是可以很驕傲的,我們也是跟一般人一樣,我們多麼需要人權。


15,000 people come up to the street and videotaped by others on the way. They have nothing but pride! I am glad that I am here, otherwise I will never know it can be proud to be a homosexual. Just like others, we need human rights so much.I am moved and touched by this event forever!

For more pictures, you can look at photoalbums of Flickr users Damon Lin and sunnydoll. shafferswows has uploaded several clips of A-mei's performance that night on Youtube.

Originally written in Chinese by GV Chinese team member, FoolFitz

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