China: Gamer flag controversy

Liu You-chen, a Taiwanese E-sport player, suddenly displayed a Republic of China flag while he accepted a bronze medal at the award ceremony of World Cyber Games (WCG) 2007, which took place in Seattle USA. The actions immediately infuriated the players like Sha Junchun (aka PJ) and Li Xiaofeng (aka SKY) and members of media from China. The Taiwan media United Daily News reported two Chinese gamers insulted and badgered Taiwan competitors until police and event organizers quickly separated them.

Li Xiaofeng, one of the most famous gamer in mainland, explains his compulsion at the WCG finals in his personal blog at star sports:

ECP电竞中文门户 2007-10-12 10:28:00

WE.SKY Sees WCG Flag-gate Case: The Truth is just So-so
ECP Chinese Electronic Portal 2007-10-12 10:28:00

I see a lot of people are talking about the things happened at the WCG award ceremony. Telling at will, the situation at that time did make me too sad to accept what had happened.
As a Chinese, educated from the very beginning, I always believe the compatriots in Taiwan are standing with us.
Of course, when I gradually grew up I had learned more about it. Talking such kind of issues with my friends, some of them felt stimulated while some of them felt there’s no alternative. Anyway, it’s the reality of Chinese and the belief in our mind has never changed.
At that time, we had made representations with WCG Committee. Subsequently, It’s the Taiwan team leader’s sharp words that caused the conflicts.
Of course, Such kind of things have never changed my views to the friends in Taiwan. However, at some time, under some occasions, being a Chinese, we all have the duty to do something.
As to the attack from all sides or whatever, it’s the media’s spin. Just let it go because everyone has the rights to speak.
Justice will always prevail.
Anyway, China WCG Committee has reported someone’s petty actions in Taiwan team to the WCG Committee.
WAR3 friends from Taiwan, I wish more mutual understanding between us from now on! (It’s not for one or two days that we have communicated with WAR3 friends of Taiwan. I believe we actually know each other and don’t let one or two people affect our friendship)

P.S. (I’m not a reporter and I believe someone will introduce the concrete process of this event. Being a Chinese, It’s absolutely necessary for me to strive interests of our country and devote my own efforts while our team compete abroad.)

Although Li Xiaofeng displayed a mild tune in his blog, lots of netizens in mainland strongly supported Sha Junchun and Li Xiaofeng’s behavior in this event and they did believe what they had done was patriotic and responsible.

Here are two comments from Li's blog:

Ygod 发表于 2007-10-14 16:56:29
公道自在人心 爱国是做人的根本

Ygod posted: 2007-10-14 16:56:29
Justice will always prevail.
Patriotism is the essential to be a good man.

Kyo.陈 发表于 2007-10-12 13:15:55
SKY,好样的 ,

Kyo.Chen posted: 2007-10-12 13:15:55
Support the behavior of Chinese players!!!!
The ultra-minority can never gain their purpose!!
I have seen the results. The WCG Committee has condemned the Taiwan team, and the Taiwan team has apologized!!
The Chinese people will hold together for ever!
Good work, Sky!
So do Fly and PJ.
You are the proud of China!!
Support you for ever!!

An anonymous netizen at Sohu’s blog community has a more impetuous attitude to Taiwan:

发布者 搜狐网友 2007-10-12 21:03
坚决支持! 扎反!
什么台湾民众! 都是大陆子民,还在上面舞国旗,什么概念?

Posted by Sohu netizen
Strongly support (the China team’s behavior)! Strongly oppose (to the Taiwan team)!
What the Taiwanese! (you are) All the sons and daughters of the mainland; how can you display a country flag there? What do you mean?
If (mainland) attack Taiwan, all the people in our school will take part in the war!!

A netizen named Feng Guangsile (means very famous) gives his opinion on Taiwan’s report at

作者:风光死了 发表于:2007-10-09 12:52:04


Author: Feng Guangsile posted: :2007-10-09 12:52:04
The event is true. Surely there’s a conflict which is proved by the photos.
The persons involved are also quite sure. The photos were photographed very clearly — a number of Chinese youth, who are pretty handsome.
Maybe there’s abuse. The youth are always irascible. Especially to Li Xiaofeng, who had just lost the game, he was obviously not in a good mood.
I don’t think there are physical assaults. According to the photos, we can see a lot of people were present; would they deny what they had done in the full light of public notice?
However, I can’t understand how Chinese people call others “Chinese Pig”. Isn’t it insulting ourselves, so such kind of things can never happen. I supposed there must be someone present who loudly spoke this word; the media couldn’t find out the speaker, so they threw the shit to Chinese. It’s really not smart.
Although there’s freedom of the press, it doesn’t mean they always tell the truth.



Even though, there were still a few of netizens in mainland who were against the Chinese players’ impetuous behavior to the Taiwanese.

Some anonymous netizens show their different opinions at Sina’s blog community:

[匿名] 新浪网友
2007-10-10 13:30:51

[Anonymous] Sina netizen
2007-10-10 13:30:51
I don’t support the SKY and PJ’s behavior, which has no manners. Whether Taiwan is a country or not is not decided by you/me/him. It’s not a thing that an E-sport player or a hobbyist can figure out. The politics must be handed by the politics, but not by the E-sport players who represents peace and friendship.

[匿名] 新浪网友
2007-10-10 13:33:21

[Anonymity] Sina netizen
2007-10-10 13:33:21
Look at the above comments which are written by those so called patriotic youth. I finally see why the Taiwanese want to be independent. What a pity! I truly hope people in mainland can really regard Taiwan as one part of China. But now it’s quite on the contrary. If we always hold this attitude to them, I think Taiwan will never come back.


  • hi i-fan,

    the responsibility to convey truth is too heavy and i don’t think we can pretend to be conveying truth. but i do agree that we should be careful not to spread fault information and be opened and genuine in our communication. the “truth” (inter-subjectivity) will reveal in the process. for mainland bloggers, access to outside info is a problem, and proxy is usually slow. but if we can carry on the post in the comment section, it will make everything different.

    trust, please don’t say that you are “shallow”. i really appreciate the comments and discussions here. also pipperL for spending time and writing a more elaborated post in Chinese in his blog. that’s the advantage of new media grassroots journalism. we all learn from the process :)

  • 中國人


  • mahathir_fan

    “The world should support all the Chinese who embrace democracy, freedom, human right, love and peace; and condemn the opposite ones.”

    So is there anyone who is against Democracy, Freedom, human rights, love and peace?

    People from both sides all say they support Democracy. And people from each side accuse the other side of being undemocratic. That is the problem and that is politics.

    Some people for example, would accuse America of not being a democracy except on election day but as a 2 party state controlled by lobby groups. Some would say that Iran is a better example of democracy because it has more political parties and voter turnouts. But enemies of Iran would not like Iran to be called a democracy. So they invent a new term called a “theocracy” and tell the Iranians here, you are not a democracy, you are better categorized as a theocracy.

    And that is politics. Enemies of both sides accuses the other side of being evil.

    So here we have TRUST accusing China of being unfree. But how is China being unfree when its people’s rights are protected by the Constitution? Don’t believe me? Read its constitution:

    “Article 34. All citizens of the People’s Republic of China who have reached the age of 18 have the right to vote and stand for election, regardless of nationality, race, sex, occupation, family background, religious belief, education, property status, or length of residence, except persons deprived of political rights according to law.

    Article 35. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.

    Article 36. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of religious belief.

    Article 37. The freedom of person of citizens of the People’s Republic of China is inviolable.

    Article 39. The home of citizens of the People’s Republic of China is inviolable.

    Article 40. The freedom and privacy of correspondence of citizens of the People’s Republic of China are protected by law.

    Article 41. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right to criticize and make suggestions to any state organ or functionary.

    Article 42. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right as well as the duty to work.

    Article 43. Working people in the People’s Republic of China have the right to rest.

    Article 44. The state prescribes by law the system of retirement for workers and staff in enterprises and undertakings and for functionaries of organs of state.

    Article 45. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the right to material assistance from the state and society when they are old, ill or disabled.

    Article 46. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the duty as well as the right to receive education.

    Article 47. Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the freedom to engage in scientific research, literary and artistic creation and other cultural pursuits.

    Article 48. Women in the People’s Republic of China enjoy equal rights with men in all spheres of life,

    and on and on and on

    Before, I know very little about China and I get a lot of propaganda about how China suppresses human rights. One day, I decided to investigate this matter myself. To my surprise, I see that all these accusations are groundless. Chinese people in Mainland China enjoy some o f the best freedom and rights and it is protected by its constitution. Since then, I have been very wary of people making such accusation about China. They are political accusations. Of course, there will be times when there are exceptions but those are times when the victims should take their case to the court of law so that the court of law can rectify and accord them back their rights.

    Time and time again, we see people are have been violated of their rights by the Chinese government go around the world making speeches. Then you ask them if they have tried to seek justice through the judicial system. And they say no.

  • Roger Godby

    Perhaps they do not seek justice through China’s legal system because it is not a just legal system. They know it and thus avoid it. In fact, initiating a case in such a legal system could bring the “troublemaker” to the authorities’ attention and thus result in imprisonment; that would handily stifle whatever grievance the person had wanted to draw attention to.

    There are indeed many against freedom, peace, democracy, co-existence. As an example, please consider those who worship Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. I would also add the many Palestinians who train their children to hate their neighbors and, in some cases, are lauded for sending their children on suicide bombing attacks against civilians.

    Even in states such as Malaysia, courts do not fulfill their duties responsibly. Consider Lina Joy, a convert from Islam to Christianity, whose conversion was ruled illegal by a Malaysian court, despite the country’s constitution that professes freedom of religion. What role did Mahathir play in allowing courts to be so weakened?


    Hi, mahathir_fan,

    Is Taiwan a democratic XXX? (XXX can be plugged in with anything you like! :P )

    Actually it’s not, before 1987.

    Brfore that year, there was indeed a Constitution of Republic of China, but it was suspended because of the quasi-War atmosphere. At that time, Taiwan people (including those who came to Taiwan with KMT around 1948) were suppressed by the martial law and dictatorship. Ironically, during the same period, Taiwan was ever being an ally of Western democratic countries during that Cold War period.

    In 1987, the long term curfew in Taiwan ended. The rights guaranteed by the Constitution gradually went back to people. Since then, people in Taiwan can exert the freedom of speech. However, this basic human right is still suffocated by the power of the government run by Community Party.

    I agree that the slogans like “democracy, equality, justice, blah, blah, blah…” are inherently relative. Thus, my allegation of “unfreedom” on China could be unfair. However, it is undebatable that people in some China are more unfree or suppressed than the people in Taiwan. Frankly, I am also unsatisfied with the human right situation under Taiwan government. But if let me choose China and Taiwan government to suck my blood, I’d rather let the latter one…

    Checking Constitution is not enough, it could be just a make-up. If the department of justice is not independent, the constitution is useless. Only when a country can sue the government operators when the latter disobey the basic articles in the constitution, people can really use their rights. As long as the government is like a gang, I don’t see how could it be in a free state.

    Here are some counter examples to the articles in the PRC’s Constitution.

    Disproof of 35th article
    People who demonstrated for the water polluted by arsenic from a plant, the protestors were beaten by gangs, just in front of policemen.

    Disproof of 36th article
    “Community Party won’t interfere as long as not against the Party.” This is religious freedom, or religious control?

    Disproof of 37th article
    An entry from GVO online told the journalist who had written a story questioning the materials for construction of railroad was fired and cannot be hired by any news company in China thereafter. “People’s freedom is inviolable”, as long as the authority’s interest is not threatened!!??

    Disproof of 39th article
    Please refer to the planned destruction of historic Hu-ton(胡同) in Beijin.

    It needs lots of time to show all the disproof for other articles. :P It’s pitiful that every beautiful article has its proviso, i.e. don’t violate the leaders’ XXX. (Again, XXX can be plugged in with: wisdom, decision, power, interest, etc.)

    I do not live in China, but I read many events about violation of the basic human right of freedom in China. I believe people are lovely there. But those authority and interest groups are the barriers to make this country a more humanitarian state. Surely Taiwan is not good enough, but it is better than China. If Taiwan government and politicians still focus only on self political interest, soon it would be caught up.

  • li


  • li


  • […] Global Voices Online上出現了一篇《Taiwan: Gamer flag controversy》,談的是WCG國旗事件中,中國網友的反應。有爭議的地方是,在這篇報導中,雖然標題和分類都是台灣,但是內文所引用的論壇/發言,卻都是中國方面當事人/網民的意見,而沒有採集到台灣這一邊或是第三方的意見。這對於事件的全貌會不會有影響,我也很好奇,所以動手尋找了一些資料,嘗試釐清事情發生的經過。 […]

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