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Special Coverage: Burmese protests 2007

Categories: Myanmar (Burma), Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Protest, Announcements

Burmese protests [1] It's not often that bloggers become a primary source in a global news story. Recent protests in Myanmar simply would not have been as big a story if there weren't brave people on the inside (and outside) willing to risk everything to spread news, photos and videos via the internet.

Burmese bloggers have even become a news story in their own right, attracting headlines [2] from across mainstream media, and outrage when the internet was blocked [3] by the junta in an attempt to silence them.

At the peak of the protests, Global Voices’ South-East Asia editor Preetam Rai [4] posted daily reports, links, and translations with the dedicated help of our Burmese authors. We have collected these posts on a Special Coverage page [1] that includes links to articles written about Burmese bloggers in mainstream media, and further links to citizen media campaigns in support of the protesters.

As MSNBC's tech blogger, Will Fernia reports [5]:

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