Myanmar: Questioning Yamaguchi's Claims

Jotmain questions a Japanese diplomat's defense of Myanmar junta.


  • 4FreeBurma

    How can you claim that “corruption is rare”?
    Are you blind or have u nvr seen, as an eg,
    wedding video of Army Chief’s daughter?
    With their salary, can they be rich as they are now?

  • M Soe

    I was really shocked by Mr. Yamaguchi’s comment. Since his view is so distorted, I couldn’t believe he really was a diplomat in Burma. He tried his best to launder SPDC’s image with lies after lies. He quoted a lot of accusations that have never even been reported by the junta’s own media. It is a really nasty piece of work.

    Even worse, junta newspapers carried Burmese version of the commentary which said “The japanese reporter, Mr. Nagai Kenji, must have been killed by a stray bullet.”

    The world has seen enough with their own eyes. “The Truth Shall Prevail.”

  • Mr. Yamaguchi’s comment is truly terrifying and upsetting me and my fellow Burmese citizens all over the world. I have no idea how he could say thing like this unreasonable and disrespectful towards long term Burmese’s Misery. If he genuinely believes in Democracy and Human Rights, there is nothing but to say about how disoriented mismanagement of Military Junta to the Nation in every single point of view. I rather insist to Mr. Yamaguchi to go back to the Burma as a tourist without any favor from any member of Junta. See things through clearly what is going on in Burma. And then write new article about Burma and Publish. Then we will see if his loving ally, the military junta, would publish his new article about Burma on their state media and newspaper. Then Mr. Yamaguchi will definitely be in very clear state of by his comment’s title “The one-sided view of Myanmar”.
    By the way, the popularity of Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi is never been the less among the Burmese public. Knowing by heart, I dare to say Daw Aung Sun Suu Kyi is living legend in Burmese Political and Humanitarian History. Burmese People have never in doubt about her political vision whatsoever. Yes, exception for lowlife dishonorable people who rather looking for their own interest out of from the Poor Nation.

  • Charles Liu

    I think the distortion isn’t one-sided.

    Here’s another article on the issue of geopolitics – the reality is far more complicated than “freedom” and “democracy”.

    The geopolitical stakes of ‘Saffron Revolution’
    By F William Engdahl

    Myanmar’s “Saffron Revolution”, like the Ukraine “Orange Revolution” or the Georgia “Rose Revolution” and the various color revolutions instigated in recent years against strategic states surrounding Russia, is a well-orchestrated exercise in Washington-run regime change, down to the details of “hit-and-run” protests with “swarming” mobs of monks in saffron, Internet blogs, mobile SMS links between protest groups, well-organized protest cells which disperse and re-form. CNN made the blunder during a September broadcast of mentioning the active presence of the NED behind the protests in Myanmar.

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