Bulgaria: Abandoned Children

Wanabehuman writes about a documentary on Bulgaria's abandoned children.


  • martyn ohonowskyi

    I have just watched the programme on bbc2.I can not believe it is happening in 2007.The children are been lock up for doing nothing wrong.There kids homes are prison.How the staff sleep at night i will never know.In england we do not treat our animal like they treat there children.
    I am a christian and one thing i can say is i would not want to stand in front of God if i where the staff. The staff need to remember hell is a horrible place and thats where they are going.
    The children need help not locking up. If i new how i would adopt a baby as they do not deserve to have life like that. I will pray that things will chance. They need love and care not punishment!

    Martyn from Scunthorpe. My email is martynohonwskyj@hotmail.com email me if there is anyway we can help i.e adoption or aid.

  • We see stories daily of starving children in the third world, children with illnesses who will not survive but we cannot make a difference in most of these cases. This very sad story on BBC is a situation that can a difference can be made before it is too late. I would like to offer my help in fundraising here in Ireland. I produce many events in aid of charities and I would like to dedictate time to this home and these children who really need to be loved, respected as humans and of course to be nursed and fed…. Those with the power of be should Fire the so called director of the home, fire the staff. Hire professionals, hire an experienced business manager to show show them how to run the home. Change needs to happen before more of these beautiful children suffer and die. Please if I can help do not hesitate me on my e mail. Regards Julian Fallon, MD, 1st Option Models Ltd

  • Tammy Kirkwood

    I am a mother of an Autistic boy, aged nine, and I was sickened to the pit of my stomach to see these children in the state they were in! The world was horrified when we saw pictures and learnt of the story about concerntration camps in World War 2, and quite frankly I saw no difference in Mogilinol. I am like others here in a privelaged world, wondering how I can make a differnce to the poor souls, and would definately sponsor, personnally go and volunteer and even adopt – my son was afffected after he learnt what I had witnessed on that programme! He has not seen it, though he has read about it on the BBC website. If anyone knows how people can help, please feel free to make it public knowledge as most people would offer and get involved I’m positive. I am desperate to learn how these kids are doing now as I have since read that a lot has been done to try and make things a bit better for them. I am particularly eager to find out how Vasky and Stoyan are!

  • Laura Gannon

    Im a 21 year old from Australia who works in a school with disabled children and after watching this shocking display of child abuse I just cried. I couldn’t understand how people all around the world can just sit by and let this happen. Something has to change and it needs to start with education, if people are educated in what special needs children actually need everyday e.g physical contact and mental stimulation then these lives of these children can be changed and the future generations of disbaled children can be better cared for. If anyone wants to discuss this with me or has any otehr thoughts i would love to hear them. I can’t stop thinking about what i saw last night and the lack of remose for what was happening. My email is laura.gannon1986@yahoo.com

  • Samantha Nuon

    I only saw this last night; it was aired on SBS in SYDNEY Australia. How do I even begin how to describe my feeling? It hit me right in the heart, when I saw these children suffering, neglected and in pain. Tears well in my eyes as I write this down. All they want is to be loved and touched, I see a Kate reaching to a little boy, rocking back and forth, you can see every bone on his tiny body, he can not walk with out help, he can not look after himself but yet he longs for the most knowing human instinct that is free, love and touch. As Kate reaches her hand towards him he rubs his face to her hand and instinctively crawls into her arms. There he stays, the first time in his life being held, comforted, and loved. How can the human body suffer so much and still want to go on? Especially if that body belongs to a child, I am beyond shock and horror. This film took me right back to the little girls abandoned in china, left to die in ?the dying room?. How can the so-called workers / career and the government see this and not see anything wrong? That it is right to be heartless and dismiss the cries of these children. Any person that thinks like this does not deserve to call them selves human. They will forever be held accountable in the after life for what they have done. The waste of innocent lives lost over and over everyday. I can not even bare to imagine the scenes at the others care homes and orphanages around the world that the camera can not see, behind closed doors, unaware to the world. In this century I expect this to not exist, the suffering of children should be a priority and nothing less. I wish I held great power, enough to end all the suffering of these children; I would do it in a heartbeat. I see war and see it nothing more than useless suffering, I hear people complain about their jobs; their pay and I can only think that they are selfish. I was one of those people. I am ashamed to admit. I know how lucky and privilege I am, I have a home, I have food, I don?t live in a war torn country, my biggest worry is not about finding food or about not being loved and cared for. Now my question is how can I live like this when I know and have seen how these children live? I don?t want to EVER forget, my promise is clear, I will do what I can, I will give all I can so in my life time I HOPE I will be able to see the end of child suffering in the human race.

  • Amanda

    I have been disturbed by this program since I watched it.

    As I sat on my comfy couch….with my well stocked fridge…..and my two dogs cuddled together on a big plush cushion on the floor….I was distraught. Beyond distraught actually.

    I don’t usually watch such shows because I know how upset I’ll be, but for some reason I felt compelled to watch. I actually turned the TV off several times, but I felt like I owed it to those forgotton children to watch their story. I didn’t sleep at all that night. I couldn’t stop thinking of the children.

    For children to be denied medical treatment, denied affection, stimulation and even decent food is a total disgrace. It broke my heart. They were labelled ‘unteachable’ and treated like worthless bodies with no hope.
    I have so much anger and sadness. What do I do now?

    Like all of us, these kids just wanted to be loved, to be noticed, to count. For the staff member to say she didn’t see anything wrong with the kids unless they had high temperatures – was an outrage. That poor child had a thumb amputated due to constant sucking, with other fingers blue from extreme cold and they died of malnutrition.
    The director of the institution made my blood boil. She accepted no responsibility for the children and the way they were treated. She blamed her staff.
    Poor vasky had a broken leg and cried with pain…she was told that it ‘couldn’t be that bad surely!’
    At the end of the program I was hoping there would be some message, something that I could do to help. I felt angry, I wanted to fly to Bulgaria and bring each and every child home. I know that isn’t possible but surely I can do something??? How can we help these children?

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