Iraq: Any Happy Pictures?

“How come whenever we search for pictures about Iraq or anything related to it all what we see are the pictures of death and blood? Where did the beautiful and happy pictures go? Or are they any?!” asks Iraqi blogger Morbid Smile.


  • Megaera Rye

    Yes people there are happy pictures of Iraq. However you won’t find them on the news. And it is very difficult to find them on the Internet. Do you want to know why? Because the media looks only for….interesting news, and what’s more interesting than blood gore and violence? There are pictures out there of people holding up signs saying “thank you” to the US and of people smiling. However probably the only place you are going to find these things at is with the Soldiers. The soldiers get pictures of these people and the happiness they portray for the things the soldiers have done for them so that the soldier is reminded that they are doing the right thing and making life better for people in the long run.

  • Answering Megaera Rye:
    Well the reason we have no happy pictures is because oif idiots like you…who believes what Mr Bush Tells her…She wants to believe that she and her soldiers are doing good, while in 5 years, 5000 years of history has gone dead or missing!

  • Megaera Rye

    So I’m an idiot am I? How many of your friends are fighting this war? How many of your family are fighting this war. This country is going down hill and as much as people want to blame it on our presently idiot president we shouldn’t. This country has been going downhill since we lost our morals. We didn’t start out over there just to FORCE a country to turn around and be like us. We STARTED the damned thing because we wanted to retaliate a severe bombing of our country. One that killed THOUSANDS. I know that our soldiers are dying but they are because they don’t want us innocent bystanders the get hurt or killed. It ended up going into a horrible war that we could not get out of. never never NEVER speak of things that you know nothing about. And you did sir or ma’am whoever you are. This war MUST be stopped. But I bet you are one of the poor pathetic souls who believe if America just pulls it’s soldiers back immediately everything will be fine. It won’t be fine. Suddenly we will have bombers up our rear ends. This war can be ended but it will take time and effort on everyones part. I think a major problem with this country right now is that everyone seems to think it is the president who makes the country….actually we the people are his boss. It is our decission on who sits in that chair. Now then when all you are worried about is history being destroyed and don’t give a hoot about the human life. You have issues that need to be solved. You seem to be like everyone else all you know is what the media tell you. Go watch brittany spears I’m sure you will learn much.

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