6 October 2007

Stories from 6 October 2007

Costa Rica: Voting Yes

  6 October 2007

On the eve of the nationwide referendum to determine the fate of the Free-Trade Agreement in Costa, the News Star's [ES] Roy Rojas writes why he will vote “Yes.”

Egypt: Drug Epidemic?

“The concept of a drug epidemic in Egypt might be news to you but its been floating around for a while now. Egypt's National Council for Fighting and Treating Addiction released a study reporting 8.5% of Egypts population or 6 million people are addicted to drugs,” writes DB Shobrawy in...

Egypt: Peace with Israel?

“It's been about 30 years now since Egypt and Israel signed their famous historic peace treaty, but, from a normal friendship aspect, did any kind of real change happen in the everyday relations between the two countries?” asks The Egypt Blog.

Japan: Sumo Wrestling Takes a Beating

  6 October 2007

It’s been a tough few months in the world of Sumo wrestling, Japan’s “national sport.” First, Mongolian wrestler Asashoryu, one of two yokozuna (the top wrestling class) returned to his homeland to undergo treatment for a mental disorder brought on by criticism that he shirked his duties, pretending to be...

Jordan: Wasted Food

“Have you noticed that we, Jordanians, tend to throw a lot of food in the trash? We fill our dishes with plenty of food that ends up thrown away?…This was just a quick observation…. in a nation where more people are getting hungry,” observes Jordanian blogger Hareega.

Iraq: Any Happy Pictures?

“How come whenever we search for pictures about Iraq or anything related to it all what we see are the pictures of death and blood? Where did the beautiful and happy pictures go? Or are they any?!” asks Iraqi blogger Morbid Smile.

Jordan: Wasta Sex

I’ve been wondering lately which sex in Jordan uses wasta (nepotism) more. Females or males? And I’m talking about the instigators and not just the pawns, writes Naseem Al Tarawnah from Jordan.