4 October 2007

Stories from 4 October 2007

Afghanistan: Corruption, Beauty, and Hope for the Future

  4 October 2007

Afghan blogger Mohammad Fahim Khairy asks, is President Hamid Karzai out of touch? "On the night of the [suicide] attack, Karzai showed up on national television and announced “The attacker is definitely a foreigner because Afghans do not kill any Muslims in the month of Ramadan.” How easily Karzai dismisses the crimes of the so-called Muslim Taliban that millions of people have witnessed with their own eyes."

Iran:”I Hate all Iranian”

Iranian Truth reports that last week, Debra Cagan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary Robert Gates,states “in any case, I hate all Iranians.”The blogger asks people to sign a petition and ask President Bush to dismiss Cagan from office.

Iran:Woman to be stoned

Kamangir reports that the state-run newspaper Qods reported that a mother of three is sentenced to stoning. Reportedly,the evidence is video tapes of her having sex with another person.

Iran:Molavi,Corbis and Turkey

Kourosh Ziabari says that an open letter is sent to Corbis site.The blogger writes that this site mentioned that Molavi is a Turkish poet.The blogger writes the born place of this honorable poet is located in Iran and all his poems in Persian.He says without any doubt Molavi is a...

Bolivia: Visit by Iranian President to La Paz

  4 October 2007

Fresh off of a controversial visit to New York City, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, where he signed several agreements of cooperation with President Evo Morales. The two unlikely partners have had few diplomatic ties in the past and bloggers in Bolivia and Iran weigh in on possible reasons for this new alliance.

India: Government and Burma

  4 October 2007

Kafila on what the Indian Government should do about the protests in Burma, with particular focus on cutting military support to the Myanmar Junta.

India: Wooing and Harassing

  4 October 2007

As a follow up to the interventions against street sexual harassment as part of the Blank Noise Project, a participant writes about what also could be potentially a class issue, what if men were not harassing but wooing women on the streets?

Tanzania: A rare homecoming for Afro-Indians

  4 October 2007

Video Journalist writes about Indian musical group, Sidi Goma, whose ancestors left the island of Zanzibar eight hundred years ago: “On the rare home coming concert of the Indian musical group Sidi Goma on Zanzibar. They kept their music and dance, and performed on The Zanzibar International Film Festival.”

Philippines: “Desperate Housewives” Apologizes Over Racist Slur

  4 October 2007

Tonyo Cruz rounds up opinions from Filipino bloggers who are protesting against American television series Desperate Housewives. In a recent episode, one of the characters made a comment ridiculing Filipino medical professionals. ABC-TV has since said sorry but the bloggers are not happy with it and are demanding a more sincere apology.