2 October 2007

Stories from 2 October 2007

Ecuador: Alianza Pais Wins the Majority of Seats

  2 October 2007

Nearly 9 million Ecuadoran nationals and others who live abroad voted for delegates for the Constituent Assembly, which will be charged with rewriting the Constitution. Current President Rafael Correa's political party, Alianza Pais, was expected to win a large majority of these positions. Even though the official tally is still being counted, early estimates have given Correa a majority in the 130-member assembly. Ecuadoran bloggers give their thoughts on these preliminary results.

Ukraine: So Long, Oleksandr Moroz?

  2 October 2007

According to the preliminary results of Ukraine's snap parliamentary election, five parties and blocs appear to have obtained the minimum 3-percent share of the vote required to enter the new parliament - and the Socialist Party led be Oleksandr Moroz is not one of them. Moroz was Victor Yushchenko's ally during the 2004 Orange Revolution, but joined Victor Yanukovych's coalition to become the speaker in 2006. Some Ukrainian bloggers are already discussing the renegade politician's likely defeat.

Iran:Ministry of Guidance and Blogs

Fahimeh in her blog,Occupation Reporter, says[Fa] that the Ministry of Islamic Guidance published a 40 pages study about blogs.According to this study only 40 percent of bloggers mention their real names in their own blogs.This study also mentions that a growing number of blogs write about politics.

Jordan: Hacking Apple Products

“One of the reasons I love Ramadan is that I become productive in a crazy way… After the nap I start hacking & experimenting with different stuff. Don't think of hacking the wrong way. So what have I been up to recently? Mostly hacking Apple related products; the two most...

Iran:The Day After We Bomb Iran

Chris Weigant writes in his blog that “enough attention is not being paid to what happens after we rain death from the skies down on Iran. Which is a shame, because that's what we ignored during the ramp-up to war with Iraq.”

Philippines: Bloggers React To Poll Chief's Resignation

  2 October 2007

The chairman of Philippines Commission on Elections resigned earlier this week amidst allegations that he was involved in brokering a telecom infrastructure deal with a Chinese company. Tonyo Cruz rounds up the reactions of bloggers in Philippines.