1 October 2007

Stories from 1 October 2007

Ukraine: Demography

  1 October 2007

Edward Hugh of A Fistful of Euros writes about Ukraine's demography: “The fundamental situation is that – even if this sounds very dramatic – Ukraine as a country is dying.”

Myanmar: More International Support

  1 October 2007

Yangon Thu links to sites that have pictures and news of international support for the protests in Myanmar. The blogger also requests readers to write to International Committee of the Red Cross to aid the monks who are on hunger strike in Yangon.

Iran:People and Ahmadinejad

Kourosh Ziabari writes[Fa] that Iranian people have no right to protest President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s “way of doing things” because they voted for him.The blogger adds Ahmadinejad is a man without enough experience to lead country.

Lebanon: Upcoming Presidential Elections

Recent blog posts about the upcoming presidential election in Lebanon reflect the feeling of apathy and mistrust towards politics and politicians currently spreading around the country. You have posts ranging from questioning the actions of the leaders to posts questioning whether they really are the leaders. Anyway, expect more on this subject during the coming weeks, since the elections are expected to be held before October 24. writes Moussa Bashir.

India: Chess and Spectators

  1 October 2007

Plus Ultra on Viswanathan Anand (the chess player), him winning the recent World Chess Championship, in the context of the recent cricket win.

Pakistan: To the Thar Desert

  1 October 2007

In August '06, the day after monsoon rains flooded the streets of Karachi, the 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi set off to the Thar desert, an hour long video at Off Road Pakistan.

Barbados: Recycling problems

  1 October 2007

Living in Barbados describes the difficulties of trying to recycle household waste in a small island with limited landfill capacity.

Jamaica: Replacing Portia

  1 October 2007

In the aftermath of Jamaican elections, Moving Back to Jamaica reflects on the difficulty for the People's National Party of replacing its head, former prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller.