Myanmar: Soldiers back down in Mandalay has posted news (in Burmese) about soldiers from #33 battalion allowing the monks to continue the protests in Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar.

27th Sept DVB news: Battalion #33 stands down in Mandalay.

Soldiers from #33 Battalion knelt down and requested the protesting monks to stop the protest.

Monks from Mandalay monasteries including those from “ThaTaNa” monk college marched for protest and were blocked at 42nd street by soldiers of #33 battalion.

Many of the monks replied, “You may shoot but we will still march”, and carried on with their marches.

The soldiers knelt down, shed tears and finally they stepped down to let the monks go, reported the witnesses from Mandalay.

Kaduang has posted an eyewitness account of yesterdays happening in capital Yangoon.

While they are trying to stop us, another military truck appeared from the Myanmar Archers Association Ward and shot gun fires. Some people were hit. I had to jump over the brick wall and ran into the school. I met other fellows who came and hid in the school. They said two people were shot while they were jumping over the wall. There were lots of gun fires either aiming at protestors or on the sky. During that time, the school wasn’t over yet. There were parents who came and picked their children up. They even shot gunfires during that time. How bad were they!

The blogger has pictures on another post.

Yangoon 27 September
Flickr user naingankyatha has posted more images.

Translations from some Burmese language blogs:

Soe Moe wrote

He been watching news the whole day and felt the growing hatred and disgust toward the whole events. Yesterday they raided Monasteries during the night, destroyed things and arrested monks by force. This afternoon they are aiming straight at armless citizens and shooting at them. One Japanese reporter is one among many deaths today. Military grabs everyone who fell down on the streets with them and none of them get to the hospital. They are faking the number of deaths on the reported news as well. Yesterday was a bloody full moon day and today is bloody Sept27.

KaDaung – Yangon Messages from CBox

- Shooting occurred at North Okekala between 9th and 6th block,
5 death, 15yr old school boy who came back from school is among them.
– they chase the runners inside the quarters and took the bodies and did not give to the death's parents.
– reported by phone that shooting occurred on TharKayTa bridge and many deaths there as well.
– None of the bodies come to the hospital. All the injurds are taken by the military as well.
– The foreigner shot dead by 2 shots to the right chest and right waist and the body reached to the hospital.

Nay Nay Naing – Bloody Day 27 Sept 2007

Everyone has been saying today as bloody 27Sept and yesterday as bloody Full Moon Day. Today situation is one of the worst. 26th midnight, many of monks from “NweKyarYan” monastery and many innocent citizen blood shed to the ground.

According to CNN news, due to the shootings, more than 10 people died including a Japanese reporter. As usual they will lie about shooting to the air while they shoot straight at people. No matter how they lie about that in local news, nobody will believe as there are true evident in front of citizen eyes. I respect those who risk their life to take photos, videos and report about the latest events to reach to international news media.

Looking at all those reported media news encourage us and make us brave; at the same time we shed tears and felt tremendous pity and sadness toward those who were kill or injured and taken by the military. Nevertheless, it's very encouraging to hear that protestors are not feared by the situation and will continue their protest as best they can. Many Wishes.

Most of the latest news (real + unconfirmed rumors) are dropped into the comment boxes or Cboxes.

Ever since blogspot domain is being blocked, the Myanmar netizens are making an excellent use of CBox as their news reporting medium.
Many bloggers’ Cboxes have been filled with various news especially Niknayman's Cbox.

Now someone has created another CBox ie.
to translate all those messages from Niknayman Cbox in english for international outlookers. Currently they are asking for translators for newly created CBox to post in english.

Latest news:
Translated news from niknayman cbox:

The following are some of the confirmed news from various sources.

* BaganNet (ISP) and many local phone lines (mobile + landlines) were disconnected today.
* Synrg3 alerted photographers and media to be careful.”Soldiers were investigating the places where people took photos. They also checked all the computer systems from Traders and Sarkura hotels.”
* The UN Designated Official in Rangoon has estiblished a 24 hr hotline in case of emergency,especially during curfew hrs, the numbers to call are; 01 554 597 or 01 554 625
* It was suspected that those soldiers who shot Japanese Journalist and protesters yesterday were said to be prisoners who were forced to handle situation in place of real soldiers; due to their appearances ie. no proper boots (unconfirmed).

The links and translated excerpts from Burmese blogs sent in by a Burmese netizen who wishes to remain anonymous.


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